There are many reasons hospitals and healthcare providers make the decision to replace existing enterprise technology. Frequently, the changes are not made simply to upgrade to better technology, but rather expedited because the provider’s current technology is being sunsetted by the vendor or for other business considerations such as qualifying for Meaningful Use or adopting complimentary technology during a corporate merger.

In the case of interface or integration engines, organizations upgrade their existing integration/interface engine just as often for upgraded software performance and features.

Organizations often switch to Corepoint Integration Engine at the same time they are upgrading EHR systems to Epic or Cerner, for example. Since new interfaces would need to be created regardless of the engine in place, hospitals make the decision to upgrade to a modern integration engine that offers many advantages over the “dinosaurs” in place that, while functioning, do not offer modern features and require a significant amount of staff hours to create simple interfaces and to monitor the interfaces for unplanned downtime.

Many legacy interface engines do not offer features that bring together all the data the IT team needs to smartly improve patient care. See the embedded document below for a snapshot of 11 unique benefits that Corepoint Health customers enjoy as they work to modernize heath IT.

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