Web Service Trickery: Creative Problem Solving at East Alabama Medical Center

When East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC) implemented Corepoint Integration Engine, their intent was not only to exchange health data with other internal and external systems, but also to solve for organizational IT and workflow challenges.

Azure API for FHIR Expands Possibilities for FHIR Workflows

Microsoft recently announced the availability of the Azure API for FHIR®. The Azure API for FHIR provides an enterprise-grade FHIR...

Ticket Validation through Corepoint Integration Engine

When an issue arises in the world of healthcare IT that affects the exchange of clinical data, it is crucial to act fast. If not, it could result in a domino effect throughout a healthcare organization that negatively impacts patient care.


How health IT can handle AI and telemedicine workflows

Health information technology use is expanding at an incredible speed. The development of artificial intelligence and telemedicine, for example, means patients will have increased access to care, or at least access to care delivered differently. This expansion will...

Wearables and app utilization in healthcare

With connected devices and wearables so prevalent in our everyday lives, it is not surprising that healthcare would use them to improve patient care. What may be surprising are the ways they are being utilized. The most obvious way to leverage the internet-of-things...

Technical debt: A growing concern in healthcare

Better technology, new software, and mergers and migrations are having a significant impact on the IT operations of hospitals and healthcare systems across the country. As healthcare providers continue to adopt and integrate new applications designed to solve a bevy...

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