Solutions for Children’s Hospitals

Children’s hospitals across the country are choosing Corepoint Health

Children's hospitals select Corepoint Health to provide software and services that create data interoperability, which ensures the right patient data is provided to the right caregiver when needed, both within applications within the four walls of the hospital and to external facilities.

Below are four key reasons CIOs and analysts from Children’s hospitals have chosen Corepoint Health's interoperability solutions.

Trusted and Proven Success

"We wanted a platform we could trust at the center of our health data environment. Every interface in our system will run through Corepoint Integration Engine prior to sending data to providers or incorporating their data into our system. Having Corepoint Integration Engine in place gives me peace of mind about the performance of every interface, and I know the product will keep us ahead of the curve with future health data exchange initiatives."— Edward Martinez | Senior VP and CIO | Miami Children’s Hospital


The features and functionality of Corepoint Integration Engine are customer inspired and thoroughly tested:

  • Top-rated interface engine for 6 consecutive years (2009-2015), Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services Report.
  • Meaningful Use certified. Corepoint Integration Engine is certified by the ONC for 2014 requirements for Modular Ambulatory EHR and Modular Inpatient EHR.
  • IHE USA Certified. Corepoint Integration Engine successfully completed testing in 17 IHE profiles at the 2015 IHE North American Connectathon.
  • HIMSS ConCert Pilot Program. As a one of 10 pilot program vendors, Corepoint Health is dedicated to helping advance HIMSS’ comprehensive interoperability testing and certification program.
  • VMware Technology Alliance Partner.

Security and Stability

“Windows offers a lot of advantages because I have more control over security, other than simply denying someone access like in UNIX. Additionally, you can’t transfer files in UNIX without purchasing an add-on product that is full of its own unique problems. Stability with Corepoint Integration Engine is absolutely excellent&rdquot; — Henry Cespedes | Interface Integration Analyst | Miami Children’s Hospital


Data breaches and HIPAA violations come in many different forms. Corepoint Integration Engine serves as a helpful safeguard for Children's hospitals. If it is the data within the patient’s health record that is of interest, what better place to look to see who has accessed PHI, what portions of the record they viewed, and what actions were taken with the data than the software responsible for routing the data from application to application?

Audit Logging and Log Search, two features in Corepoint Integration Engine, provide key insights into your organization’s health data, beginning at its origin through its route through every interface in your health data architecture.

Migration Success

"The implementation of the Corepoint Engine itself was painless. Basically, the Professional Services handed it to us in a state ready to be developed, and we took it from there." — Mark Pittman | Interface and Data Integration Manager | Cook Children’s Health Care System


100% of customers surveyed by KLAS® said they would make the switch to Corepoint Integration Engine again.

A key Corepoint Integration Engine feature is the ability to test throughout the conversion process to ensure new output matches the data produced from previous interfaces. Test results show users exactly where focus is needed, without the need for end-to-end testing at every modification, including:

  • Testing with sample messages. Compares other vendor messages side-by-side with the new message format to uncover discrepancies.
  • Testing with a custom derivative. Create a derivative representative of the vendor’s format. Corepoint Integration Engine then can receive and send messages in the application’s desired format.
  • Message output comparison. Identify and resolve any message differences by comparing output messages generated from your previous interface engine next to output from Corepoint Integration Engine log files.

Dedication to Customer Success

“Corepoint Health is the best vendor I have ever worked with. They are the benchmark that I compare all other integration engine vendors to, and none compare to Corepoint Health. Top to bottom, they are the best at everything they do, whether it is their product, support, development, or professional services. Everything is just crazy these days with the rapid changes, and if it wasn’t for Corepoint Health, we would be in rough shape.”— Chief Information Officer

(Collected about Corepoint Integration Engine by KLAS in January 2015 © KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

Corepoint Health strives to build lasting relationships with their patients and customers. Corepoint Health has long been recognized in health IT as the standard-bearer for how health technology vendors should approach customer service.

In fact, KLAS Research, published a 2015 report on the integration engine market that stated: “Corepoint outperforms all Best in KLAS Winners,” regardless of technology category.

Integration Engines: Conquering Interoperability Challenges


How are leading hospitals conquering interoperability challenges?

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