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Software Engineer


Corepoint Health is a thriving and energetic company – full of people who consistently strive to do the right thing for our customers.As a Software Engineer at Corepoint Health you will develop products that create high value for thousands of customers; and you will help us continue to build our positive company culture.


The Corepoint Health development team focuses on understanding the user’s experience while delivering solid code and automated unit testing. As new features are planned, we involve the entire technical team from the beginning of the requirements cycle. We use agile development techniques that make sense in the real world.

Our development and client services teams work in concert to provide the highest customer-ranked software [1] in our industry. The team is an attentive mix of industry veterans who deeply understand the space and fresh faces with innovative ideas.

General Requirements

Technical Requirements

For each team category it is important that the candidate have substantive experience in one or more of the technical requirements listed. Technical requirements are listed in approximate priority order.

Client Team

Runtime Team

Deployment Team

Bonus Points

To respond to this opportunity, please e-mail us your resume [10].