Connecting Data to Care

Corepoint Integration Engine customers share how they connect data to care.

“It reduced their (patients) length of stay and gets them out the door faster. It also improved throughput for the ED because those beds are now available.”

Ryan Ellerton, Sr Business Analyst

Bob Kerr, Network Analyst


“When we had newborns, they weren’t having first names in, which was causing a problem when sent to the state. So we created a way to hold the record in the database before sending, so now the baby’s files are accurate.”

Sung Pyo, Lab Systems Engineer


“It makes me proud to know I’m able to be part of that process to help doctors and treat the patients.”


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Eric Crugnale, Director of Connectivity


“We’ve been working with ACOs to marry up lab data with additional data from patient’s lab record to enhance some analytics, improve outcomes, and identify patients that are at risk for certain manageable diseases and allowing providers to take action on that.”

Mike Lucas, Development Manager


“Being a laboratory, we take patient care very serious. Corepoint has definitely sped up the process of helping us build that bridge with the clients.”

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