Corepoint Health and the Continuity of Care Document (CCD)

Corepoint Health supports all relevant standards to meet Meaningful Use, including CCD and Continuity of Care Record (CCR). We accept the CCD or CCR format, map it to the correct format for the receiving applications, and electronically deliver it to the receiving applications.


Corepoint Integration Engine was the first integration engine to receive ONC Modular EHR Certification. One of the key test requirements for document exchange was the ability to exchange compliant and validated CCR or CCD documents. By passing the tests, Corepoint Health proved the ability to receive non-compliant documents (such as those generated by Healthvault) and map them into compliant documents that would pass a validator.

After the CCD has been sent, we have the capabilities to monitor the communication, ensuring successful delivery and managing the logs to troubleshoot or resend as required.


Watch a Customer CCD Perspective

Mark Pittman of Cook Children's Health Care System describes the value of Corepoint Integration Engine and how they are using it to support their CCD initiatives.

Read a CCD White Paper

continuity of care document (ccd): changing the landscape of healthcare information exchange




What role does Corepoint Integration Engine play with a CCD?

  • Support HL7 CCD, as well as CCR and other relevant healthcare standards
  • Map between different CCD formats (e.g., different vendor implementations of CCD)
  • Communicate the CCD electronically between systems
  • Monitor and manage the exchange of CCDs


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