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Corepoint Health Raises the Bar for High Performing Integrated Healthcare Environments

Release Delivers Performance-Tuning Enhancements to Optimize Processing Logic and System Resource Utilization and Expands Interface Version Control Capabilities with Multiple Workspaces

Frisco, Texas, December 7, 2010 – Corepoint Health launched its Fall Release for Corepoint Integration Engine [1], a leading middleware software solution designed specifically for healthcare and health IT professionals.

The Fall Release delivers new features designed to put greater control and capabilities in the hands of the healthcare integration [2] team while optimizing performance with new tuning features to structure processing logic in the most high-performing manner possible.

New functionality and enhancements include:

“Corepoint Health puts more power in the hands of the interface developer than ever before,” said Corey Robinson, Systems Administrator, Knox Community Hospital. ”From interface performance tuning to managing test message sets to comparing differences between two versions of an interface, the new features in Corepoint Integration Engine deliver a wealth of value to a growing integrated healthcare environment.”

Robinson added, “With the color-coded summary of interface differences, I can quickly see the changes that occurred prior to saving or putting in to production. I also save time building test message sets, since I can select an accurate subset from my current production environment in a matter of seconds. Corepoint Health is delivering features that will save me time while also enabling me to deliver an optimized interface in a very productive way.”

”Through their releases, Corepoint Health continues to show that they understand the healthcare integration environment very well. They build the necessary features to give us significant step-improvements in what we do in health IT every day. From an interface developer perspective, many of the new features are a dream come true, and it just shows again how deeply Corepoint Health understands healthcare integration inside and out.”

“We know that our customers are being asked to do more as the demand for healthcare interfaces [1] increases,” stated Phil Guy, CEO, Corepoint Health. ”We strive very hard to deliver functionality which enables our customers to approach new healthcare integration initiatives with the utmost confidence. The responses from our customers are reassuring; we continue to hear that they are able to meet new interface challenges successfully, productively, and in the most straightforward, optimized way possible with Corepoint Integration Engine.”

Dave Shaver, CTO, Corepoint Health, added, ”Optimizing and simplifying integrated healthcare environments are not mutually exclusive. While we listen very closely to our customers and their immediate demands, we not only provide the real value and performance they need today, but also deliver a platform ready to meet their future requirements for many years.”

Corepoint Health was recognized as being #1 in the Interface Engines [3] market segment of the 2009 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Professional Services report (©2010 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved. www.KLASresearch.com) and also was awarded the 2009 Most Valuable Product (MVP) by RT Image magazine in the Data Storage & Management category.