Welcome to the new integration generation for healthcare! The new integration generation or “GEN I" portion of Corepoint Health’s website is designed to highlight innovation in healthcare or innovative practices occurring in other industries from which we can learn. GEN I contains the following sections:

  • Discovering Innovation – This section will be updated frequently to highlight innovative practices or ideas. Expect to see new articles at least bi-weekly. To keep current on new articles, please subscribe to the RSS feed.
  • Point of Views – This section will contain a point-counterpoint commentary on a selected topic. The debates will summarize key points from two differing perspectives.
  • GEN I: White Paper Series – The white papers listed in this section attempt to provide a more thought-provoking approach or a unique perspective to various topics on healthcare IT.
  • Innovative Perspectives – This area links to various sites which offer assorted perspectives, from healthcare to management practices to other industries.
  • Your Innovation – This is a place to submit your innovative practices, suggestions, or ideas. We will review and publish selected insights and practices, but only with your permission.

Changes are always occurring. However, with new demands in healthcare integration, renewed drives to implement healthcare technology (e.g., EMRs, EHRs), and continued pressures to streamline workflows and operational processes, understanding supporting practices and applying them to create real results-driven innovation is essential in today’s healthcare environment.

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