By Fred Bazzoli in HealthData Management:

This is a critical moment for healthcare and the nation. The future of Obamacare is in doubt (depending on who gets into the White House), and so is the direction that health reform may take. 

Here are nine critical components for a moon shot that would give healthcare a chance to reach the ultimate goals that it needs to achieve. 

A good wish list from Fred on what would help advance the health IT industry, in an article titled "HIT Think A moon shot for healthcare: 6 critical imperatives." Not surprisingly, "Achieve interoperability" is at the top of his list. 

A patient isn't broken into different "silos," so why is the data that cares for the patient unconnected?

To help move the needle forward, CIOs and health leaders need to start by installing a best-of-breed interoperability layer. With that as a foundation, connecting data, clinician workflows and patient care will be a much easier process.

So, really, a moonshot isn't what's needed in healthcare, just some foresight and dedication to building a connected IT system. 

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