The Future of Interoperability:
APIs + Traditional Interfaces


Dave Shaver – Chief Technology Officer at Corepoint Health, member of the HL7 Board of Directors, and co-chair of the HL7 FHIR Governance Committee

Classic HL7 interfaces are being augmented by APIs and HL7 FHIR: Are you ready? 

Learn how APIs and HL7 FHIR are changing how IT departments manage patient data. This webinar will answer the following:

  • What’s driving the industry toward web APIs?
  • What’s the difference between traditional interfaces and APIs?
  • What is the role of HL7 FHIR in API data exchange?
  • How will APIs and FHIR open the door to new workflow solutions?
  • How will HIEs, integration engines, and API managers work together?

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