The Direct Project was launched by the ONC within Health and Human Services (HHS) on March 1, 2010. It was initially called NHIN Direct. The object of the Direct Project is to replace the use of faxes, phones, and paper transactions with a simple and secure point-to-point communication over the Internet.

The Direct Project achieves this in one of two ways:

Applicability Statement for Secure Health Transport: This is the primary Direct Project specification which uses the SMTP e-mail protocol with secure S/MIME attachments and x509 certificates.

XDR and XDM for Direct Messaging: This is the utilization of IHE profiles XDR and XDM in the Direct messaging environment.

These protocols ensure the secure delivery of messages between two trusted endpoints for a variety of purposes including transfer of patient health information in the form or a CCD document.

The Direct Project was included as part of the standards for Meaningful Use Stage 2.Read more about Direct project basics.

See also: Meaningful Use

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