Interfacing with Cerner EHR

Over 70 Cerner hospitals have chosen Corepoint Health as their integration engine partner to optimize their Cerner EHR migration or installation. Our Cerner customers find Corepoint Health to be instrumental in integrating not just on-premise internal applications, but also external cloud based applications.

“Corepoint Integration Engine’s ability to work with Cerner Millennium proved extremely useful, especially when it came to sifting through a huge volume of data that doesn’t always display consistently.”

Jeremy Goslin, Senior System Architect, East Alabama Medical Center

The 2019 #1 Ranked Integration Engine by KLAS is Corepoint Integration Engine. This is the 10th consecutive year Corepoint Health has earned this distinction.

Cerner Interfacing FAQs



How will Corepoint Health support your migration to Cerner?

Our Professional Services team has successfully helped with many Cerner migrations. Whether a full system migration or simply building interfaces between Cerner and the other EHRs, our experts have the experience to ensure a seamless migration of your health data.

What is the value of using Corepoint Health alongside Cerner?

Corepoint Health paired with Cerner offers integration to healthcare systems via traditional methods of data delivery alongside modern approaches such as APIs. Like Cerner, Corepoint Health offers a scalable approach that combines both the technology and the staffing flexibility required in growing healthcare organizations.


What are key benefits of using Corepoint Integration Engine alongside Cerner?

Hospital IT teams are overwhelmed with projects and changes in the industry. Corepoint Health makes the complex job of creating interfaces easy, with a drag-and-drop approach to creating interfaces. Additionally, interfaces built in Corepoint adhere to current data standards, meaning any team member can make changes to any interface to ensure your connections continue to deliver vital patient data.

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Cerner Customer Stories



“Corepoint Integration Engine’s ability to work optimally in a Cerner Millennium environment again proved useful, especially when it came to sifting through a huge volume of data that doesn’t always display consistently.”

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Jeremy Goslin

Senior System Architect, East Alabama Medical Center


“Our integration engine will always play a very important role in our IT plan, because it will always be necessary to move information from system to system, both inside and outside of the hospital. With Corepoint Health, we are confident that we will be able to meet future healthcare interoperability requirements.”

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Kelley McFarland

Interface Analyst, North Kansas City Hospital

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Miami Children’s Hospital Improves Patient Data Exchange With Corepoint Integration Engine

Edward Martinez, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Miami Children’s Hospital, said he chose Corepoint Integration Engine because of its proven reputation of delivering true interoperability solutions, which is of utmost importance for his facility’s eHealth Initiative that integrates mobile applications, a regional telehealth center, and video devices with the hospital’s electronic medical record system.

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