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What Corepoint Health Customers Are Saying

“All of my interface programmers who use Corepoint Integration Engine are absolutely in love with what it can do. The product is easy to use and very powerful.”

VP/Other Executive, Feb 2019*

“I love Corepoint Health. They are awesome. They are probably the best company that I have worked with. They are everything that I want in a company. They are responsive and have a solid product. They offer regular updates, full support, and reasonable pricing. I don’t think I can find anything bad to say about them.”

Manager, Feb 2019*

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“The vendor provides amazing service; we haven’t ever had the slightest trouble with them. The vendor is very proactive, flexible, prompt, and knowledgeable. We just love them.”

VP/Other Executive, Feb 2019*

“We like that Corepoint Integration Engine works all of the time. There is no downtime, and Corepoint Health’s customer service is phenomenal. They are always on top of things. In terms of being forward thinking, they are always coming up with new features that will be useful to the industry.”

Manager, Jul 2018*

“Corepoint Health is doing great. I never have any issues with them. They are very responsive. Their support is fantastic, their pricing is reasonable, and their product is wonderful. Corepoint Health will continue to have my business as long as I am here.”

CIO, Jan 2018*

“Corepoint Health is always talking about the next big thing. They were talking about FHIR before we knew what FHIR was. They are always very proactive in terms of integration.”

Director, April 2018*

“Corepoint Health is probably one of the best vendors I have ever dealt with over the years. They have a great product and great people. I really can’t say enough good things about our experience with Corepoint Health.”

Director, Jul 2018*

“I love the system. I have worked on a lot of engines over the years, and Corepoint Integration Engine is the best engine I have ever worked on. It is easy to use, and finding things in the log files is easy. I have always been able to transform the data. The engine is absolutely super.”

Analyst, Feb 2019*

“With a lot of integration engines, users have to know a programming language, such as Java or Tcl. However, Corepoint Health provides users with a rapid development environment and with common-sense widgets that do the functionality.”

Manager, Aug 2018*

“Corepoint Health has improved the problem-solving aspect of interfacing.”

Analyst, Jul 2018*

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The importance of a reliable engine


Service and support are key


Increasing demand for APIs in healthcare


Corepoint Health development philosophy



Solving vendor issues and saving money


Oak Bend Medical Center Integration Developer, Ted Perryman, highlights the cost savings, workflow improvements, and ability to solve connectivity issues between vendors that Corepoint Health provides.

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