Laboratory Interfacing and Replacing eGate® with Corepoint Health

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eGate Replacement Perspective

Al Respess, Sr. Director of IT, West Jefferson Medical Center



Laboratory Customer Perspective

Dan Noack, Client Interface Systems Administrator, Sonic Healthcare

Laboratory Customer Case Studies

clinical pathology laboratories (cpl)
"corepoint health has proven they understand our business, deliver on requirements, solve issues in a timely manner, and provide the most cost-effective and on-time integration solution in the market." read more.

hunter laboratories
"corepoint health also makes hunter more competitive by giving us the ability to provide the electronic delivery of anatomic pathology and cytology results — an advantage over many of our competitors." read more.

egate replacement case studies

meriter health services
"the integration engine provides us with a way to communicate with our downstream lab customers. it is not simply epic talking to a lab; it’s our labs talking to a whole bunch of other labs in the precise way those labs require, and corepoint integration engine makes that possible." read more.

wyoming medical center
"we compared corepoint to another product and, in a side-by-side comparison including customer recommendations, corepoint won hands down." read more.

hendricks regional health

"moving to corepoint health was a very positive shift for us in our it environment. the innovative approach and capabilities of corepoint integration engine transformed how we manage our healthcare integration initiatives. we now have complete confidence to meet the demands ahead with greater efficiency, productivity, and enhanced service." read more.

northeast alabama regional medical center

"i will be the first to tell you that i was skeptical corepoint integration engine could do what they said it could do. it all sounded good, but i wanted to see it in action… i have a renewed level of comfort in my support of our hospital’s primary responsibility – delivering quality patient care. corepoint health has delivered this stability through their products and services." Read More.

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