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before you build a healthcare communication subsystem… [3]

before venturing into the waters of healthcare data interfacing, history has demonstrated that it is critical to fully understand the litany of items that must be accounted for and constantly managed. review 5 initial questions to answer as you determine the best healthcare interfacing approach.

Simplifying the Interface Challenge in Healthcare [4]

Determining the most effective approach for healthcare integration has a long term impact on an organization's development, client support, and implementation resources. Defining the requirements is an important first step to evaluating the options.

Improving the treatment of patients has long been dependent upon robust healthcare applications and medical devices. The successful development of new features to facilitate more efficient and enhanced quality patient care has been the benchmark of high-growth companies for many years.

Today, there is another critical element – the capability to interoperate with other applications and devices. The degree of success achieved by new applications and devices is equally determined by the ease and flexibility offered in deploying electronic connectivity.

Learn more about the Corepoint Health solutions [5] that can improve the flexibility and interoperability of your application or device.

Corepoint Health Value for Vendors

Corepoint Health partners with healthcare vendors and ASP/SaaS providers to help balance their product enhancement efforts by providing a comprehensive integration solution.

Healthcare vendors use Corepoint Health solutions to:


Corepoint Health solutions enables vendors to simplify their approach to working with different healthcare standards, including: