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MEDITECH Interfacing FAQs

If I already need to purchase an interface from my vendor, what is the value of an interface engine?

Isn’t an interface engine just another point of failure in my healthcare IT environment?

What is the development time for interfaces compared to the point-to-point approach?

Do we have to be proficient in a programming language to have an interface engine?

Do we need an FTE dedicated solely to the interface engine in order to manage it?

Will we be completely on our own if we purchase an interface engine? What does support/maintenance entail?

Would an interface engine give me the capability to search for messages and resend? What about interface monitoring?

What other protocols besides TCP/IP can an interface engine handle?

What other data formats or standards can an interface engine handle?

Can we use your interface engine to connect to EHRs?

What is involved in the installation? How easy is the install? Is there product documentation?

Do you have 24×7 support available?

MEDITECH Customer Case Studies

hendricks regional health
“the innovative approach and capabilities of corepoint integration engine transformed how we manage our healthcare integration initiatives. we now have complete confidence to meet the demands ahead with greater efficiency, productivity, and enhanced service.”


washington county hospital
“having worked in both a meditech environment with and without an interface engine, with corepoint integration engine, we have much more control over our interfaces.”


mercy medical center
“… enables me to build meditech interfaces quickly and monitor them effectively, the corepoint health support team really understands our needs, and delivers first-rate service.”

memorial hospital and health care center
“after installing corepoint integration engine, what took 30 days for complete implementation with the previous interface engine took only one week…”

georgetown hospital system
” the implementation process was so smooth that none of the internal staff or other application vendors recognized the transition to corepoint integration engine running in the middle. it was completely seamless. “

natividad medical center
“corepoint health has the reputation of working productively with hospitals that have numerous interface connections in large, connected, extended healthcare communities. corepoint health also has a solid reputation and experience working with meditech hospitals”

ivinson memorial hospital
“we needed an integration engine that would function seamlessly in our meditech environment, leveraging adt feeds to many different systems including pacs, transcription, medication supply stations, external billing applications, etc.”

woman’s hospital
“… delivers simplicity in developing and managing interfaces in our meditech environment…”

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