Interface Filtering and Monitoring

FAQ: Would an interface engine give me the capability to search for messages and resend? What about interface monitoring?

Yes. Within our administration console, there is a robust log management solution in which it is easy to filter, search, and re-send messages with a few clicks. Finding and re-sending messages is done in less than a minute.

In addition to the log management features, complete interface monitoring is achieved through the web-based console. At a high level, you can organize your interfaces in a model that makes sense for your organization. Green, Yellow, and Red light-type visual monitoring can easily be seen. Within the console, if alerts are triggered or message volumes need to be checked, it is all within a click or two.

To some degree, interface alerting is more important. Most hospital IT staff do not sit in front of a monitor every minute of the day. Having configurable interface alerts based on parameters defined by you is critical. Alerts can be emailed to the appropriate people when issues arise. If the alert is not addressed within the defined time period, it can be automatically escalated to the right individual or group of individuals.

Managing deployed interfaces needs to be done in a user-friendly, prompt manner. Corepoint Integration Engine delivers comprehensive, simple-to-use interface management tools.

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