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We want to make sure you are leveraging Corepoint Integration Engine as fully as possible. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about any of the following optional extensions, features, and/or services by completing the form on this page. Your Account Executive will contact you with more information, including pricing.

Products and Services to Consider

Action Points

Timely decisions are critical in patient care. Evaluate the data processed through Corepoint Integration Engine to quickly notify interested parties with customized, data-triggered alerts via email, text, and/or pager. »Read More [1]

Assured Availability (A2)

Ensure the continuity of patient data flow. A2 provides high availability via automated failover to a backup server, which allows normal operations to continue without interruption in the same data center. »Read More [2]

Batch Processing

Batch Processing includes the ability to efficiently break apart and build up large files, as well as the ability to store large files for a period of time in a database before or after processing. This new extension will be available in the 2017.1 version of Corepoint Integration Engine.

Corepoint Community Exchange

A companion product to Corepoint Integration Engine that allows for VPN-free communication. »Read More [3]


Convert DICOM header information into an XML document, which can be used to create an order message. Automating the order-entry process reduces errors and simplifies workflows. The DICOM Gear can also be used to extract structured measurement data from DICOM SR. »Read More [4]

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Should a natural disaster occur, DR works in conjunction with A2 to provide complete coverage for outages. The DR solution creates an offsite, standby location that processes messages in the event of an emergency such as a natural disaster. »Read More [5]

Other Engine Extensions

Let us help evaluate your workflow requirements. We have the ability to accommodate different interface needs:

  • File Protocol – Read or write files containing important clinical health care information such as HL7 [6] data, CSV, XML files, HL7 batch files, and more.
  • FTP Protocol – Expand data flow capabilities to upload or download files to or from a server using FTP, FTPS, or SFTP, either at a specified interval or on request.

Professional Services

The Corepoint Health Professional Services team is ready to help with your integration projects. Our experienced team has built thousands of interfaces for our customers. We can help with specific projects large and small, and can even help during staff transitions in your team. »Read More [7]

Test/Development Connections

Corepoint Health does not limit the connection licenses in your non-production environments. If you need additional connections in test or in development, you can request additional licenses from your Account Executive.


Healthcare Standards Training

Corepoint Integration Engine Training

Web Services

Securely send and receive data with modern RESTful- and SOAP-based web services and create the most common data exchange scenarios used by patient-facing applications, HIEs, APIs, and more. Requests for API connectivity continue to increase as well as discussions around the use of HL7 FHIR, which is transported by RESTful web services. »Read More [18]


KLAS Category Leader 2017 Drummond Certified EHR Modular [19]