Join us this week, and just about everyone else in health IT, as we recognize the value of the profession during National Health IT Week. There have been several articles and blog posts written answering the question proposed by HIMSS: "What is the value of health IT?" 

Our VP of Marketing Jon Mertz wrote What’s the Value of Health IT? It’s About Me, Me, Me for the Texas Enterprise site, and I published It's Not Complicated: Health IT Makes Our Lives Better over on our HL7 Standards blog.

I particularly liked this portion of Jon's article:

"Health IT should revolve around the patient. We should be in the middle. As we visit our physician, go to a lab for a test, or get a scan from a radiologist, our data should follow us. Each care provider in our care delivery process should have the most relevant, current, and approved data available. To put it another way: no more filling out papers on a clipboard and no more duplicate tests. Now, that is health IT value."

So, let me ask our valued customers and readers your opinion: What is the value of health IT? I'd love to hear your thought in the comments below.

Read more on the National Health IT Week official website.

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