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NeoTool Delivers Industry-Leading HL7 Quality Assurance Solution


HL7 [1] Conformance Checking [2], Quick Filtering of Messages to Pinpoint Relevant Clinical Message Data, and Robust Connection Testing Tools

PLANO, Texas, July 6, 2006 – Enabling enhanced clinical data integrity, NeoTool today delivered the industry’s most effective healthcare interface quality conformance solution for hospitals [3], laboratories [4], and imaging centers [5].

Developing, testing, and deploying new interfaces in healthcare is critical in today’s environment, especially with the rising number of data exchanges between different healthcare applications. The continuous focus is to maintain the highest level of clinical data integrity.

The NeoBrowse 2.0 release facilitates robust testing and quality checking through its HL7 conformance and message and connection testing capabilities. With NeoBrowse, healthcare professionals can easily parse, test, and validate any HL7 message communicated to or from any healthcare integration technology platform.

“NeoBrowse 2.0 has enabled us to take our clinical data quality efforts to the next level of assurance,” said Jane McGillivray, Manager, Enterprise Application Integration, GroupHealth Cooperative. “With NeoTool’s innovative HL7 Conformance Checking features, we can easily confirm that incoming and outgoing HL7 messages match the right HL7 standard before we implement. NeoBrowse allows us to work closely with our application vendors and provide feedback on message quality so that our high standards are constantly maintained.”

Dave Shaver, President and CTO, NeoTool, said, “NeoBrowse 2.0 is an exciting milestone in providing healthcare IT professionals a solution that improves the navigation of HL7 messages and adds important functionality to test and enhance the quality of HL7 messages. Healthcare organizations are being asked to increase levels of performance with fewer resources. NeoBrowse 2.0 better equips healthcare professionals to manage this balance – no matter which interface engine or solution is being used.”

Highlights of the new release include:

Enhanced HL7 Navigation

Robust Testing and Validation Features

NeoBrowse is used by HL7 analysts, programmers, and developers as they navigate, test, validate, and deploy new connections and interfaces to various healthcare systems and providers.