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Get creative: Populate patient-facing apps with the engine using C-CDA


Perhaps the greatest additional advantage of having an integration platform [1] in the middle of your health IT environment is the creativity it offers above and beyond HL7 v2 interfaces. While approximately 90% of healthcare provider interfaces are comprised of v2 interfaces, many Corepoint customers are getting exciting results using other standards, such as C-CDA [2].

Corepoint users can build C-CDA documents in the engine. Each month, we host a webinar for our customers that includes product or industry education, and occasionally, customer presentations. Recently, a customer gave a demonstration on how they were populating a mobile app with summary of care information using the Corepoint Action Points [3]. Here are some specifics:

The only thing that Paragon can do on its own is show the patient’s record at this moment in time. Corepoint Integration Engine adds the ability to have a timed trigger event so patients can view the completed result.

This is just one of many creative ways Corepoint Health customers are using the engine to connect data to care.