Advanced Radiology Consultants Case Study     Trumbull, Connecticut

Interfacing Technology was Key to Vision and Strategy of Practice

“Corepoint Health enables us to control when and how we deploy our interfaces to other systems. We are planning to use this with the referring physician community.”

Advanced Radiology Consultants (ARC) is a large radiology practice with 8 imaging facilities located in Southern Connecticut. Our practice has been providing radiology services to physicians and hospitals in the region since 1905.

Advanced Radiology Consultants Insights

Darlene Zase, Executive Director Advanced Radiology Consultants:

At ARC, our primary goal is to continue the high quality services we provide to our patients. Our vision and strategy is to use information technology (IT) to become a more efficient and effective radiology practice. Our practice wants to increase productivity, streamline business processes and expedite the flow of data between internal and external computer systems throughout the region.

We knew we needed to integrate more technology across our practice. We needed to increase the efficiency of processes associated with billing and diagnostic reporting. In addition, we are receiving an increasing number of requests from referring physicians for HL7 interfaces. We wanted the control to respond quickly to these requests and the flexibility to accommodate all of the different HIS, PMS and EMR systems they might be using.

Our practice needed a robust integration engine that makes it easy to build and maintain internal and external interfaces throughout the region. We decided to employ the Corepoint Integration Engine because of its ease and speed to implement, cost effectiveness, and strong reputation for training and support.”


“Automating our billing processes allowed us to capture exactly the data needed to support our workflow. This has resulted in fewer follow up phone calls from our billing service, and there are fewer errors.

Billing data is immediately accessible to the billing service to answer any questions payors or patients may have. In addition, we are researching connectivity of our CRM application with our RIS to be able to create references regarding our referring physicians’ accounts.

Finally, the more integrated we are with our referring physicians’ offices the better service we can provide, and the more likely that those physicians will want to send patients to Advanced Radiology. With Corepoint Integration Engine, ARC is able to increase the value and overall productivity of our medical practice.”

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