Arnot Ogden Medical Center Case Study Elmira, New York

“Corepoint Health is the partner that provides the interface engine and services to connect the clinical workflow between applications for Arnot Ogden Medical Center.”

Arnot Ogden Medical Center is an independent, not-for-profit, 256-bed tertiary medical facility with more than 300 physicians from over 50 specialties. Arnot Ogden Medical Center offers specialty services at the Falck Cancer Center, Heart and Vascular Institute, Diabetes Center, Health Center for Women and Maternal and Child Health. Arnot Health provides services to the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.

Healthcare Interfacing Challenges

Arnot Ogden Medical Center has a complex, multi-vendor application environment to meet its mission of delivering high-quality healthcare. Some of the key systems involved in supporting the delivery of care include:

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) – e-MDs, QuadraMed.
  • Laboratory Information System – Sunquest.
  • Glucose system – RALS.
  • Pathology – IMPAC (formerly Tamtron).
  • Transcription – PowerScribe, Dolbey.
  • Clinical Information Systems – SIS.
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry – QuadraMed.
  • Pharmacy – QuadraMed.
  • Billing – IDX (GE Healthcare).
  • Medication Management – Pyxis (CardinalHealth), QuadraMed.
  • Cath lab – Witt Biomedical (Philips).
  • Patient Management System – QuadraMed.

Arnot Ogden Medical Center needed an interface engine solution that was flexible to transform and map data between different format specifications and provide robust monitoring capabilities to ensure hundreds of thousands of daily transactions were flowing effectively and timely between systems.

Given the volume of clinical data messages being exchanged each day, Arnot Ogden Medical Center required a comprehensive log storage, management, and retrieval system as part of the interface engine solution.

Customer Solution

Arnot Ogden Medical Center replaced their legacy interface engine with Corepoint Integration Engine™, which enabled them to:


Adapt effectively to different application data specifications and exchange clinical data in a timely, productive manner.


Monitor the interface environment proactively and in a simple-to-understand way.


Store message logs and search message logs quickly.


Re-send messages simply as needed.


Ramp quickly with effective web-based training while also leveraging a talented, experienced healthcare integration team for support

Arnot Ogden Medical Center Insights

Gregg Martin is the CIO at Arnot Ogden Medical Center and offers the following insights:

“At Arnot Ogden Medical Center, we provide an extensive, diverse, high quality application environment to support our patients and physicians. We utilize many different application vendors, each having their strengths in supporting our mission. In order to provide maximum value, we must effectively integrate workflow between the applications to deliver efficient operations and support quality care.

Corepoint Health is the partner that provides the interface engine and services to connect the clinical workflow between applications for Arnot Ogden Medical Center. Their flexible, powerful interface engine provides the foundation, and their expert healthcare interfacing insights make our job easier.

We were an early adopter of the Corepoint Integration Engine solution, and we are glad that we made that decision. Corepoint Health’s knowledge of healthcare interfacing has been like having an extension of our IT staff. I can say with confidence that even though Corepoint Health has experienced significant growth since we made our selection that they continue to treat us as if we were their only customer.”

Scott Perry, Operations Manager, manages the interfacing initiatives at the medical center. Scott’s insights:

“We have many moving parts within our application environment, and Corepoint Health gives us the confidence that it will all work together. Corepoint Integration Engine is a feature-rich interface engine that delivers more effectively for us than our previous solution.

The enhanced monitoring capabilities in Corepoint Integration Engine ensures we are proactive in our service levels. The comprehensive log management capabilities ensure that we have detailed backups as well as the ability to easily resend messages if needed. We have experienced a 30% savings in our operational costs with the transition to Corepoint Health’s interfacing engine.

Corepoint Health’s turnkey implementation and support team has been excellent. They are always timely in their responses and insightful in their analysis. Compared to other vendors, their customer service is superior.”

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