Community General Hospital Case Study Syracuse, New York

“Corepoint Health offers the great combination of expert, user-friendly HL7 advice and industry leading solutions that allow acute care hospitals to perform at the next level of interfacing.”

Community General Hospital is a 365-bed acute care hospital offering emergency services, medical and surgical care, intensive care, maternity services, inpatient psychiatric care, and numerous outpatient testing and community health education service. Community General Hospital also operates a 50-bed skilled nursing unit and primary care medical office in Onondaga County, New York.

Healthcare Interfacing Challenges

Manage extensive healthcare technology expectations on a limited budget.

Implement an increasing number of required HL7 interfaces while implementing a new Hospital Information System (HIS).

Reduce the costs of implementing and supporting HL7 interfaces.

Customer Solution

Community General Hospital replaced their previous generation of integration technology with Corepoint Integration Engine™, which enabled them to:


Reduce the cost to build HL7 interfaces by eliminating programming costs.


Deliver real HL7 results while supporting new HIS and other critical applications.


Enhance the capability to monitor and support HL7 interfaces – more proactive.


Implemented interfaces between key healthcare applications, including Eclipsys SCM, IDX, McKesson Horizon Meds Manager, Eclipsys AM/PFM, Dictaphone, ExitCare, Misys (reference lab), CBORD, DrChart, TMS, RL Solutions.

Community General Hospital Insights

Below are highlights and comments from Mitch Rozonkiewiecz, CIO of Community General Hospital, and a proven leader in driving IT performance to support the critical operations of an acute care hospital. Mitch’s insights:

“Community General Hospital, like most acute care hospitals, has many competing priorities all of which require quick response, effective implementation, and value-added results. We respond to the many demands placed on us, and we expect our key partners to respond like they are an extension of our staff.

Corepoint Health exceeded our expectations in the implementation of Corepoint Integration Engine and have continued to deliver support and enhancements after the sale. With their solution — Corepoint Integration Engine — we implemented over 30 robust interfaces with minimal resources and on a tight time schedule. Corepoint Integration Engine enabled us to lower our interfacing costs, decrease our time to deliver HL7 interfaces, and enhance our capability to deliver more value to our healthcare professionals.”

Scott Elia is the Director of Integration for Community General Hospital. Scott’s insights:

“Community General Hospital’s team is always ready to deliver and support new systems to improve patient care. Implementing a new HIS while extending interfaces to other hospital applications is always exciting but is seldom an easy task. When we decided to install a new HIS and replace our old communications engine, we recognized that supporting existing applications while installing a new system would put additional pressure on the staff. Early in the process, the Corepoint Health team and our team came together to discuss the approach and our expectations.

The HL7 support in Corepoint Integration Engine, combined with Corepoint Health’s creative approach for implementation, allows us to upgrade the HIS HL7 interface from version 2.2 to 2.3.1 while continuing to deliver HL7 version 2.2 messages to our ten pre-existing partners. This prevented us from requesting interface upgrades from each of our application vendors.

As a very detailed oriented person, I am responsible for managing closely to the high standards that we set, and I wanted to make sure the Corepoint Health team understood our process. I am happy to say Corepoint Health delivered above our expectations. Without question, Corepoint Integration Engine is the best around. It enabled us to move to a higher level of integration performance and quality standards without increasing our staff. We have raised the bar with Corepoint Integration Engine.

Corepoint Integration Engine offers the great combination of expert, user-friendly HL7 advice and industry-leading solutions that allow acute care hospitals to perform at the next level of interfacing.”

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