EPIC Imaging Case Study

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“Corepoint Health is intensely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. They listen to understand our requirements, and then produce timely results.”

For over forty years, EPIC Imaging has been the leading, full-service, outpatient imaging facility serving Oregon and Southwest Washington. EPIC Imaging’s family of centers consists of: EPIC Imaging – East; EPIC Imaging – West; EPIC Imaging – ENT; and the Portland PET Center which housed the first dedicated Positron Emission Technology (PET) scanner in the region and offers clients the first commercially available Positron Emission Mammography (PEM) in the U.S.

Healthcare Interfacing Challenges


EPIC Imaging has always been on the forefront of technological advances in order to deliver the best services to their customers. Due to the growing adoption of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and the rising demand for electronic results interfaces, a similar leadership approach was required to meet the needs of the referring physician community.


Working with Radiology Information System (RIS) interfaces can be very expensive, especially when implementing point-to-point interfaces. Implementing point-to-point interfaces from EPIC Imaging’s RIS was not a feasible approach.


EPIC Imaging was looking for three primary characteristics in an interface engine solution:

  • Ease of developing and deploying interfaces.
  • Flexibility to meet different standards and data formats.
  • Reasonable cost point to achieve objectives.

Customer Solution

EPIC Imaging implemented Corepoint Integration Engine™ as the healthcare integration solution to reduce RIS interfacing costs and establish electronic interfaces with the referring physician community.

Corepoint Integration Engine enabled EPIC Imaging to:


Implement interfaces easily with various clinics, including a large multi-specialty clinic.


Gain independence from RIS vendor by building interfaces without their involvement.


Enhance competitive advantages in the market place by offering electronic data exchanges.


Strengthen relationships with the referring physician community and gain increased referrals.


Interface with various applications including Dynamic Imaging PACS, GE Logician, GE Centricity, MedFax RIS, Oncology Radiation, etc.

EPIC Imaging Insights

John Griffith is the CIO at EPIC Imaging and offers the following insights:

“EPIC Imaging has always been on the leading edge of technology advances. Keeping current with market changes is critical. One key change in our market is the rising adoption of EMR systems within our referring physician community.

EMR adoption is driving increased requirements for electronic data exchanges between our radiology practice and our clients – clinics, physicians, and hospitals. The bottom line – physicians want to eliminate paper and enhance efficiency.

Another challenge that we faced was the ineffectiveness of pursuing a point-to-point interfacing or electronic exchange through our RIS vendor. This was not a feasible approach given the costs and impact when IT systems change. The solution we needed in order to address our challenges was a healthcare interface engine.

At EPIC Imaging, we reviewed several approaches and technologies and selected Corepoint Health as the best solution to address our challenges productively and successfully. We selected Corepoint Health for their intuitive approach in building and testing interfaces and their flexibility to map data simply between different formats and healthcare standards. Corepoint Health delivered a robust, simple-to-use interfacing functionality at a reasonable price.

Corepoint Health is a full service healthcare integration software vendor where a client can chose the services or training that will help the most to realize the strategic objectives of the initiative. For EPIC Imaging, we attended Corepoint Health’s 3.5 day HL7 class to learn more about healthcare standards and how to apply them in the real world. We also selected to have Corepoint Health assist us in building our first interface. We are now confident in our knowledge and approach, and self-sufficient in implementing interfaces for our clients.

Corepoint Health has delivered in every aspect. Corepoint Integration Engine is easy-to-use, yet powerful in delivering patient reports to providers and patient results to any system. Corepoint Health is intensely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. They listen to understand our requirements, and then produce timely results.

With Corepoint Health’s healthcare integration solution, EPIC Imaging has strengthened our relationships with the referring physician community; consequently, we have increased our business by doing more professional reads and increasing the number of direct referrals. EPIC Imaging has delivered these incremental interfaces in a cost-effective, successful manner.

Whether we are deploying interfaces to a large multi-specialty clinic or a smaller physician practice, we now have the capability with Corepoint Health to effectively meet a wide-range of interfacing requirements in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our clients have looked to us for leadership, and we have once again delivered by using Corepoint Integration Engine.”

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