Henry County Health Center Case Study

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“Corepoint Health excels at balancing the power of their integration engine with the user’s ability to simply perform the required tasks in developing, testing, deploying, and managing critical clinical connections.”

Henry County Health Center received national attention when it was identified by Modern Healthcare as both a top 100 hospital and as one of the 20 best rural hospitals in the United States. For the last three years the Center has been named to the top 100 Most Wired Hospitals in America. This national acclaim speaks highly for the Center, which serves as an example of quality care in the changing healthcare environment.

Since 1921, Henry County Health Center has cared for the people of Southeast Iowa with compassion and professionalism.Through the years, Henry County Health Center has stayed at the forefront of health care, and in the process has evolved to become more than a traditional hospital. Today, Henry County Health Center is Southeast Iowa’s “hub” for healthcare, serving the needs of both healthy community members and those requiring more specialized medical care.

Customer Challenges

Physicians wanted the results of patients’ services received at the hospital (e.g., radiology, lab, and other ancillary services) to be communicated electronically to the practice’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application.


The lack of monitoring tools for point-to-point interfaces led to reactive responses to errors in clinical data processing and communication.


Point-to-point interface approach was unreliable, resulting in clinical data not being sent as intended.

Customer Solution

Using Corepoint Health’s interface engine, Henry County Health Center built interfaces to the following applications: CPSI, GE Centricity™ EMR, GE Centricity™ PACS, multiple reference laboratories, and various clinical diagnostic equipment. In short, anything that can talk HL7 has been interfaced or is a prime target for doing so.

Corepoint Integration Engine enabled Henry County Health Center to be:


Effective in exchanging patient information between the physicians’ EMR and the CPSI Healthcare Information System (HIS).


Supportive in electronically communicating patient registration and scheduling information from Medical Manager to GE Centricity EMR, keeping the physicians well informed of each patient’s status.


Efficient in identifying message issues, allowing for quick corrections to message structure in order to meet requirements.


Productive in exchanging clinical and transcription information with the hospital’s PACS and CPSI systems.


Proactive in monitoring the interface environment, ensuring service level expectations are met.

Henry County Health Center Insights

Stephen Stewart, CIO, builds and manages clinical interfaces at Henry County Health Center. Steve’s insights:
“Our point-to-point interface approach was not meeting our standards for providing high quality, proactive services to our customers and physicians.

“The challenge was monitoring the transactions being processed to ensure messages were being delivered and received. Additionally, we were not able to troubleshoot interface issues. We knew issues existed but had no way of drilling in and finding the pattern in order to correct the problem.

In a hospital IT environment, you need to be proactive in resolving issues with critical system interfaces. Our point-to-point interfaces were not enabling us to deliver the level of performance we required.

At Henry County Health Center, we decided to implement an interface engine approach and selected Corepoint Health as the best solution. Corepoint Health’s sole focus on healthcare integration gave us confidence that they would understand our requirements and deliver effectively.

Corepoint Health paid for itself the first day it was installed. With Corepoint Integration Engine’s testing tools, we can discover HL7 message errors quickly, implement corrections efficiently, and resolve potential issues more proactively.

Corepoint Integration Engine’s monitoring capabilities let us know what is happening in our interfacing environment at all times – and, we can correct issues without our customers knowing one existed. With Corepoint Health, Henry County Health Center now has a proactive approach to delivering an effective, integrated healthcare system. Corepoint Health enables us to deliver a higher performing healthcare interface environment to systems as diverse as an HIS, PACS, EMR, etc.

Corepoint Integration Engine is a robust solution with archiving capabilities that enable us to easily resend messages, if needed. Just as important, we can use the archived messages as a test base to resolve any receiving issues that may arise.

Corepoint Health excels at balancing the power of their integration engine with the user’s ability to simply perform the required tasks in developing, testing, deploying, and managing critical clinical connections. Corepoint Health is an affordable, proven solution for any hospital.

As a final note, Corepoint Health delivers exceptional HL7 training. Corepoint Health’s HL7 training is comprehensive with practical insights on various healthcare integration approaches. Corepoint Health’s comprehensive approach to healthcare integration is a clear benefit for customers. Further, in nearly 30 years as an IT professional, I have never found another partner who comes close to delivering the service level I receive day in and day out from Corepoint Health. On the price value continuum, Corepoint Integration Engine is off the radar scope in delivering return on investment and value. However, above all else, Corepoint Health contributes substantially to an enhanced level of physician satisfaction with IT, and that as they say in the commercials is ‘priceless’.”

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