HIMSS Media Case Study: Cook Children’s Healthcare System

Gaining 20-20 Visibility into Key Hospital Operations

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At Cook Children’s Healthcare System in Fort Worth, Texas, efforts to connect data to care have taken the form of an innovative dashboard solution that seamlessly integrates data from various sources and functions. Hospital workers across all departments are able to leverage real-time information to deliver patient services precisely when and where they are needed.

“We were looking for a way that the executives and clinicians on the floor, along with other hospital staff, could actually look at a status board and get pertinent information that told them exactly what was going on and when.”

– Mark Pittman, Cook Children’s enterprise data integration manager

The interface team created a real-time dashboard by using Corepoint Integration Engine to power their McKesson Performance Visibility™ system, providing real-time insights into:

  • Number of beds available
  • Beds occupied
  • Dirty rooms
  • Quarantined rooms
  • The level of activity within the ED


The Executive Dashboard use can be linked to a decrease in patient wait times, which increases patient satisfaction.

“The transparency with seeing the discharged patients/empty rooms is nice. Before, it was a manual process relying on charge nurses/secretaries letting us know when a room is empty/available. The number of phone calls back and forth has dramatically decreased.”

– Gina Hernandez, RN Supervisor/Staffing Coordinator

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