Ivinson Memorial Hospital Case Study

www.ivinsonhospital.org    Laramie, Wyoming

“With Corepoint Integration Engine’s graphical user interface, building, testing, and deploying interfaces is simple.”

In operation since 1917, Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie, Wyoming is a district hospital with nearly fifty active physicians providing an array of patient care services from acute care to inpatient and outpatient surgery. Ivinson Memorial Hospital established Medicine Bow Technologies, an information technology services company, to provide technology and service solutions to their hospital and other healthcare providers throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Customer Challenges

Migrating from their McKesson hospital information system to a MEDITECH system, Ivinson Memorial Hospital faced several challenges in updating and integrating their internal applications.

System Challenges:

Existing AIX support was expiring which meant additional cost to upgrade to a new system or operate with their current system without the needed support.


Existing interface engine was limited to a manual high availability solution.

Existing interface engine also lacked the desired database connectivity with ODBC compliant databases.

Needed to operate integration platform in a VMware environment.


Required the ability to extend and run custom functions as needed (e.g., COM).

Interface Challenges:

Be easy to use in building and testing interfaces.


Reduce cycle time to deploy interfaces.

Enhance manageability of interface environment through better alerting and monitoring and log file search and find capabilities.


Automate failover if integration engine platform encountered disruption in availability.

Operate within a VMware environment.


Provide the capability to extend and run custom functions from the integration engine.

Customer Solution

After evaluating several competitive systems, Ivinson Memorial Hospital replaced their existing interface engine with Corepoint Integration Engine, resolving their outstanding system and interfacing challenges.

Implementing Corepoint Integration Engine provided Invinson Memorial Hospital with an easy-to-use, robust and flexible integration engine platform, which enabled them to implement interfaces in industry-leading cycle times and provide robust clinical data exchanges productively.

Deploying Corepoint Integration Engine also provided greater flexibility in connecting to ODBC compliant databases. Utilizing Corepoint’s Integration Engine high availability solution provided Ivinson Memorial Hospital with added confidence with its automatic failover capabilities.

Key points:


Overall, thirteen different systems are now connected using Corepoint Integration Engine. Some of the systems involved include PACS, radiation oncology (IMPAC), medication supply stations (Pyxis), prenatal monitoring (GE QS® Prenatal), transcription, glucometer, external billing, external labs, and Medicare/Medicaid (Midas Core Measure Performance).


Able to monitor the interface environment proactively with Corepoint Integration Engine’s monitoring and alerting capabilities.

Ivinson Memorial Hospital Insights

Brandon Lewis, Systems Engineer, Medicine Bow Technologies:

“We were making a significant transition from our core Hospital Information System (HIS) — McKesson to MEDITECH. In taking this approach, it was a good opportunity to re-evaluate our integration platform and implement a more costeffective, robust integration engine.

We needed an integration engine that would function seamlessly in our MEDITECH environment, leveraging ADT feeds to many different systems including PACS, transcription, medication supply stations, external billing applications, etc. Corepoint Integration Engine has functioned flawlessly, saving Ivinson Memorial substantially in interface costs.

We also required a robust high availability solution that provided automatic failover. Unlike other systems that use a manual failover method, Corepoint Integration Engine’s high availability solution fails over automatically when disruption occurs. Corepoint Integration Engine’s approach increases our confidence since their native high availability capabilities ensure all messages are persisted in the backup server, guaranteeing no message is lost.

With Corepoint Integration Engine’s graphical user interface, building, testing, and deploying interfaces is simple. We can now deploy interfaces more quickly and with greater quality. After deployment, Corepoint Integration Engine’s interface monitoring and alerting capabilities enable us to be very proactive in meeting the high demands of our environment. Corepoint Integration Engine has delivered many benefits.”

Some Benefits Include:

Managing Interfaces
“Corepoint Integration Engine is rock solid. Managing the environment is much more robust and efficient than our previous experience. In reviewing log files, we can easily search and find specific messages with no command level operations — it is point-and-click. The alerting features are also unique and useful. Alerts are automatically sent to IT if any disruption in service occurs. It enables us to be much more responsive. Using Corepoint Integration Engine Assured Availability enables automatic failover if a disruption in service occurs. The native capability ensures no messages are lost in the exchange of patient data. It enables the upgrade process to be very seamless.”

“In our environment, we save messages to a database. With Corepoint Integration Engine, the database connectivity is very straightforward, including being able to query and find messages. This is especially useful in our support of the teleradiology services. We store the messages in a database and then use Corepoint Integration Engine to filter them and send the appropriate ones to our teleradiology service. It is an efficient, HIPAA-compliant way to manage this process. We were very impressed with Corepoint Health’s knowledge level throughout the implementation process. Working with our team, Corepoint Health completed the entire implementation sooner than estimated.”

Configuring & Testing Interface
“Building workflow and data transformation logic is performed with a simple point-and-click approach. If you are working with a new or similar interface, you can cut, paste, and re-use the logic. Throughout the process, you can test to ensure that a high quality interface is being built; Corepoint Integration Engine’s approach translates into deploying interfaces with fewer resources, in less time.”

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