Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center Case Study    Jasper, Indiana

“The entire Corepoint Integration Engine implementation process was absolutely smooth. Reliability has been completely solid.”

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center is a regional healthcare facility with a staff of more than 1,400 people including 150 physicians offering a comprehensive range of medical care for nine rural counties in southern Indiana. In operation, since 1951, Memorial Hospital has progressively offered critical inpatient and outpatient medical services garnering awards in quality and efficiency of medical services. Notable services offered by Memorial include interventional cardiology, inpatient rehab, angina heart therapy, wellness coaching, and bariatric surgery.

Customer Challenges

After selecting an interface engine platform to operate within their MEDITECH environment, Memorial Hospital immediately discovered implementing and maintaining their newly acquired interface engine was cumbersome and required additional unanticipated costly maintenance, including the need for contracting outside vendors to configure new interfaces. In addition, the existing interface engine did not provide the functionality for easily filtering interfaces and managing message log files. This required specific programming knowledge to proactively manage interfaces. Continuing with their existing platform would be too cost intensive for the long term and the overall reliability was questionable.

Memorial Hospital came to Corepoint Health with specific interface objectives that required a stable integration engine solution that would run in a MEDITECH environment and provide a smooth implementation process with minimal maintenance. Memorial Hospital also required an integration engine platform that would be easy to configure, test, and deploy interfaces quickly without relying on costly outside vendor support to build new interfaces. They also needed a platform that would provide timely proactive alerting features with the ability to filter interfaces and manage log files without requiringspecial programming.

Customer Solution

After evaluating several competitive interface engines, Memorial Hospital replaced their existing interface engine with Corepoint Integration Engine™, resolving their outstanding challenges with implementing, monitoring and maintaining their interface engine platform and connections.

Key benefits:


Build interfaces quickly without contracting outside vendors.


Able to monitor the interface environment proactively with Corepoint Integration Engine’s monitoring and alerting capabilities.


Able to train support staff to operate Corepoint Integration Engine.


Many systems are now connected using Corepoint Integration Engine. Several systems connected include: MEDITECH, Switchboard Automation (Startel), Surgery (iPath), Cardiac (ProSolv), Food service (Cbord), and Mammography (Magview).


Able to manage message log files proactively and sort messages by date, connection, and log type without programming.


Able to monitor the interface environment proactively with Corepoint Integration Engine’s monitoring and alerting capabilities.


In implementing Corepoint Integration Engine, ADT migration and four interface connections were completed in one day.

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center Insights

Richard Meinhart, Systems Engineer:

Previous Interface Engine

“When we initially began the implementation process with our previous interface engine, there were several missteps in communication and implementation, where critical details in setup, memory allocation, and backup and cycle save issues were omitted by the vendor. The implementation challenges lead to unexpected breaks in connections, and late night support calls to keep the interface engine running.

Other unexpected challenges came in the form of additional cost of interfaces in the test environment and the need to contract outside vendors to build new interfaces. Over time, with the mounting costs, the challenging implementation process, and the overall reliability issues, we lost confidence in the capabilities of our existing interface engine.”

Corepoint Integration Engine Implementation

“After visiting with Corepoint Health at a recent MUSE conference, we became very interested in their capabilities. We reviewed their integration engine, validated its capabilities with other customers, and selected their solution.

The Corepoint Integration Engine platform integrated well within our MEDITECH environment and is running efficiently since its installation. After installing Corepoint Integration Engine, what took 30 days for complete implementation with the previous interface engine took only one week with Corepoint Integration Engine. Working with the Corepoint Health team, we were able to have ADT migration and four interfaces up and running within a day requiring no outside assistance to configure new interfaces.

The entire Corepoint Integration Engine implementation process was absolutely smooth. Reliability has been completely solid. Furthermore, our operational cost with Corepoint Integration Engine is much lower than what was projected with our previous interface engine.

In addition to Corepoint Integration Engine being easy to operate and manage, the training and support that Corepoint Health provided was fantastic. Since completing the Corepoint Integration Engine training class, I have been able to train other network and technical support staff on how to operate and manage Corepoint Integration Engine on a daily basis—Corepoint Integration Engine is that easy to manage. This would have been next to impossible with our previous interface engine platform.”

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