Radiology Consultants of Iowa Case Study    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

”I’ve said it many times before, without the integration engine, we wouldn’t be nearly as successful as we are today… We provide services to 13 hospitals and multiple specialty practices plus our own imaging center.”— Joe Moore, CIO, Radiology Consultants of Iowa

As Iowa’s largest group of radiologists, Radiology Consultants of Iowa (RCI) has been providing Eastern Iowa communities with radiological services for more than 70 years. At RCI facilities, they offer the latest in high-technology medical imaging services such as High Field (1.5T) MRI-MRA, Open MRI, Spiral CAT Scan, Ultrasound, Color Doppler, Mammography, DEXA and QCT Bone Densitometry, SPECT Nuclear Medicine, Positron Emission Tomography Imaging (PET) and Computed Radiography (CR). / RCI takes pride in their staff of Board Certified radiologists who have advanced training in the areas of Nuclear Medicine, Neuroradiology, Muskuloskeletal Radiology, Chest Radiology, Body Imaging, Mammography, Ultrasound, and Interventional Radiology.

Healthcare Interfacing Challenges

Create a completely paperless system from orders to final report:


Eliminate paper orders from physicians in order to shorten cycle time and eliminate re-keying errors.

Integrate an internally-developed, web-based Radiology Information System (RIS) so that remotely located hospitals and physicians have access to critical patient information.


Enhance connectivity between RIS, Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), and dictation systems to streamline data flow between applications.

Reach rural markets effectively in order to:

Grow professional and technical services.

Provide high-quality services to hospitals and physicians in remote areas.

Customer Solution

Implemented Corepoint Integration Engine™ as the interface engine between RCI’s various systems including PACS (Philips iSite PACS), RIS (RISLite and Emdeon’s Medical Manager), imaging modalities (CT, MR, etc.), and dictation (Medquist’s SpeechQ for Radiology™).

Combined these systems to comprise RCI’s flagship service called RCINet.

With Corepoint Integration Engine:


Enabled RCI clients to electronically submit orders and receive/distribute radiology reports without purchasing additional expensive software and streamlining the internal processes.


Facilitated opening an internally-developed web application to become HL7 ready, allowing RCI to penetrate new rural markets more effectively.


Raised client satisfaction by eliminating paper orders and, consequently, errors that came from re-keying information.


Quickened the turnaround times on providing patient results to physicians and hospitals.


Reduced coding required to interface RIS, PACS, and dictation applications, allowing for rapid implementation of future integration initiatives.


Improved ongoing maintenance of HL7 interfaces through effective monitoring, testing, and logging solutions.

Radiology Consultants of Iowa Insights

Joe Moore is the Director of Information Technology/CIO and has played a key role in keeping RCI on the forefront of practical information technology innovation. Joe’s insights:

“Radiology Consultants of Iowa differentiates itself by providing up-to-date technology solutions to more effectively accommodate the imaging requirements of our clients. As the chair of the RCI-IT Committee, John Floyd, MD states, ’Every hospital regardless of size, should have high quality radiology professional service that is delivered in a timely manner’. We were glad to see that Corepoint Health took our approach to quality and timeliness thereby enabling us to be more dynamic in the services that we offer.

As a provider of professional and technical radiological services, RCI has many unique challenges in integrating our various applications. The RIS, PACS, dictation, image acquisition, and practice management systems all need to seamlessly transfer key patient information to each other. Interfacing with Corepoint Integration Engine was simple compared to other similar tools and, more importantly, it keeps RCINet working efficiently and enables us to maintain a higher level of service to our clients.

Corepoint Integration Engine also helped extend our technology to remote hospitals and clinics more effectively. RCINet now provides ordering and family physicians easy access to the patient’s radiology results and images. We now provide fast turnaround on patient exam information and a more timely solution for our hospitals and clinics no matter how rural the facility.

Each time we deploy a new interface or maintain an existing one, we appreciate Corepoint Integration Engine’s powerful testing and monitoring capabilities. We constantly get detailed information about the processing of each message since it is automatically logged in the application. We quickly find, diagnose, fix, test, and implement data flow issues with Corepoint Integration Engine. This allows us to ensure that we always deliver a high level of service quality to our clients.

Working with Corepoint Health has been an ideal relationship and a real partnership. Corepoint Health understands our operations and has expert knowledge on HL7. Bringing radiology applications together to ensure an integrated flow of data is one of Corepoint Health’s key strengths. We are glad to have them as an HL7 solution. I’ve used other similar tools in the past but none of them come close to providing a robust, simple to use suite of applications like Corepoint Integration Engine.”

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