Riverview Hospital Case Study

www.riverview.org    Noblesville, Indiana

“Corepoint Health’s support and implementation team gave Riverview the confidence that resolving any question or issue was handled skillfully and promptly.”

Riverview Hospital, located in the heart of Hamilton County, Indiana, is a 2006 recipient of Professional Research Consultants’ Excellence in Healthcare Awards for Medical Staff Perception. Riverview Hospital offers comprehensive healthcare services in state-of-the-art facilities to address the needs of the community they serve. Riverview’s main campus, located in Noblesville, includes a full-service, 161-bed hospital and three outpatient clinics. In addition, Riverview has an outpatient clinic located in Carmel.

Healthcare Interfacing Challenges

Riverview Hospital needed to replace several mission critical applications. They had been on the A4 Patient Registration / Accounting system as well as the Order Entry and Clinical Repository systems for 20+ years. In 1999, A4 changed its focus to Emergency Room and Physician Office systems. Riverview decided not to implement major enhancements to their then current systems. After an external audit, Riverview Hospital chose to go with the best of breed concept, which meant they would have several new vendors replacing the hospital’s current applications.

Customer Solution

To facilitate the integration of the new systems, Riverview Hospital believed Corepoint Health’s robust interface engine, Corepoint Integration Engine™, would be a way of easing this pain. Currently, Riverview has 18 inbound connections and 28 outbound connections in their Corepoint Health production environment.

Corepoint Integration Engine enabled Riverview Hospital to:


Control their workflow environment by effectively connecting and exchanging patient data between Keane (HIS) and the department and outpatient clinic applications as well as offsite partners. (Department applications include: Misys CRR, SOFT, HeartLab, WITT, QS Fetal Mon, OneCall, ORSOS, 3M HDMQuadra-med, CBoard, Pyxis, etc.).


Become more independent of the application vendors to make their systems communicate with each other


Proficiently manipulate the Admit/Discharge/Transfer, Orders and Results messages being sent between their systems


Effectively remedy issues between the vendors


Save the hospital time and money

Riverview Hospital Insights

Terry Rafferty, Systems Analyst, has many years of experience in IT and leads the integration efforts at Riverview Hospital. Terry’s insights:

“Corepoint Health helped us with Riverview Hospital’s new strategic approach and enabled us to implement the solution effectively throughout the health system. Riverview is more in control now when building interfaces between vendors. In the past, our Registration/Order Entry vendor (A4) would talk directly to the other vendors, cutting us out of the loop and leaving us with limited knowledge to maintain the new connection. Corepoint Integration Engine has helped us provide better communication between Keane (HIS) and our clinical systems.

We have the ability to quickly debug interfacing situations and figure out where problems are located. Implementation costs are minimal because Corepoint Integration Engine is easy to use when it comes to setting up new interfaces. We rely on it to manipulate the messages to meet vendor’s needs. Vendors are making fewer changes, and we are deploying interfaces more quickly. Our operations costs are kept to a minimum with Corepoint Integration Engine. This our first real interface engine, and it fits in our hospital environment quite well. We are able to show personnel with little HL7 knowledge how to monitor and debug interface issues.”

Michael Mover is the CIO at Riverview Hospital. Michael’s insights:
“The Corepoint Health team is rock solid. After purchasing Corepoint Health’s interface engine, Corepoint Health quickly trained our team and enabled us to complete a ‘big bang’ approach within a very short time. Corepoint Health’s customer focus is remarkable. Corepoint Health’s support and implementation team gave Riverview the confidence that resolving any question or issue was handled skillfully and promptly.”

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