Sonic Healthcare USA achieves real-time, cost-effective integration to clients

”Corepoint Health has proven they understand our business, deliver on requirements, solve issues in a timely manner, and provide the most cost-effective and on-time integration solution in the market.”

Michael Lucas, Development Manager

Timely and cost-effective connectivity has proved to be a significant competitive advantage for Sonic, and is achieved through standardized integration across nationwide labs. Eric Crugnale, Director of Connectivity, and Michael Lucas, Developer Manager of Connectivity Solutions, sat down with us to discuss their connectivity solutions and experience with Corepoint Health.

Topics: Lab Integration, Cloud Apps, EHR Integration, Scalable Architecture

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About Sonic Healthcare USA

Sonic Healthcare is the 3rd largest pathology firm in the USA, and is a global leader in laboratory medicine. Sonic serves and partners with many hospitals and is known as an industry leader in quality, customer service and innovation.

Cloud Connectivity

“Corepoint Integration Engine has been very helpful for us to connect to the cloud-based vendors (Athenahealth, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, Practice Fusion, and more)”

“The web services Corepoint offers has made connectivity to these vendors seamless.”

Competitive Advantage for Sonic

“If you want to be competitive for the lab service business of physicians in your region, you have to be able to provide that connectivity and those IT services.”

“… Having standardized Corepoint across our enterprise in the U.S. has helped us [provide] that kind of competitive service to all of our labs.”


Michael Lucas, Development Manager, Connectivity Solutions


Eric Crugnale, Director of Connectivity

Healthcare Interfacing Challenges


Quickly connect to all client systems

The laboratory market is very competitive. Sonic Healthcare is committed to build on our current competitive edge in the market by quickly interfacing with a broad range of customers, no matter the client EHR or format of exchange.

Efficient connectivity

Throughout meaningful use, demand for electronic interfaces exploded and is not slowing down. An integration platform that would be very efficient in serving clients (e.g., hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc.) productively was essential.

Standardizing integration across the enterprise

Sonic is growing fast as a result of working successfully with customers and also by acquiring other laboratory facilities. Sonic needed an interface engine platform that would enable us to extend our interfacing capabilities to other labs, while maintaining a close standard of integration across our enterprise.

Expanding data exchange capabilities, including value-based care

Connectivity has expanded past simply sending and receiving orders. Now, connecting to payers, HCOs, HIEs, and internal systems all are necessary to provide competitive services for our clients and decrease cost internally. Additionally, we needed an integration partner that can support the industries move to value-based care.

Customer Solution

Corepoint Integration Engine is Sonic’s integration platform for clinical data exchanges, internally and externally. Internally, Corepoint Integration Engine streamlines data flow between Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) at various Sonic locations. Externally, Corepoint Integration Engine facilitates electronic data interaction with client applications, such as EMR systems, as well as HCOs and payers. With Corepoint Integration Engine, Sonic:


Provided the interface engine platform to adapt easily to different EHR data specifications and extended robust integration capabilities to support initiatives such as value-based care.


Developed a hub and spoke integration model standardizing integration across all national facilities, resulting in significant competitive advantages and cost savings with vendor partners and payers, as well as efficient integration of newly acquired laboratories.


Enhanced the efficiency in building and managing the growing number of interfaces, leading to increased business.


High level of confidence to exchange data with any system, whether in the cloud or on premise.


Decreased the cost of testing and final delivery of integration to customers using Corepoint Integration Engine’s testing capability prior to implementation.


Reduced the reliance on LIS vendor for interface development, resulting in shorter cycle time to deliver new interfaces.


Integrated seamlessly with different LIS applications, EMRs, payers, HCOs, and other healthcare applications as needed.


Improved the business case for delivering electronic capability to smaller clinics due to the solution’s lower interface implementation cost.

Let’s talk about how Corepoint Integration Engine can impact your laboratory

Customer History and Insights

Sonic Healthcare USA became a customer at their acquisition of Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) in 2005. In 2008, we interviewed Judy Denney on her experience with Corepoint Integration Engine, before CPL assumed the Sonic Healthcare branding. Judy has previously held the CIO position at both CPL and Sonic Healthcare USA, and although she has since retired, her insights are still valuable today.

“Clinical Pathology Laboratories built a very successful laboratory in a competitive business by meeting high customer expectations for continuous delivery of on-time, high quality results.

Just as CPL earned our customers’ trust, Corepoint Health earned our trust. Corepoint Health has proven they understand our business, deliver on requirements, solve issues in a timely manner, and provide the most cost-effective and on-time integration solution in the market. The Corepoint Integration Engine solution allows us to have speed and control over our interfaces.

With Corepoint Integration Engine, we are able to quickly build quality interfaces for our customers and continue to productively grow our business in a cost-effective manner. Corepoint Integration Engine also places the control of building HL7 interfaces in our hands rather then in the hands of the LIS vendor. The Corepoint Integration Engine solution gives us greater independence and the ability to deliver to our customers on an aggressive time schedule.

The proof is in the numbers. With Corepoint Integration Engine, CPL successfully delivered 48 interfaces in six months, and it took just two people. That’s productivity and results!

A core part of our interfacing strategy involves EMRs. To implement this strategy, CPL defined an EMR certification process. Once an EMR system has been certified by CPL, we can build, test, and deploy an interface is 2 weeks or less. Our EMR interfacing process has worked flawlessly with the combination of the CPL EMR certification program and Corepoint Health interface engine capabilities.

Some of the EMR systems that we have interfaced successfully using Corepoint Health include: InteGreat, e-MDs, A4 (Allscripts), eClinicalWorks, Orchard, GE Centricity, Greenway, SOAPware, and MediNotes.

CPL’s interfacing capabilities has been well received by our clinics. Our client feedback has been very positive, and it has removed interfacing as an issue in our client relationships. With Corepoint Integration Engine, we now have 65 clinics in production, delivering results electronically, efficiently and successfully.

We are extremely pleased with the results we have seen by using Corepoint Health solutions. Their solutions have enhanced our operations and enabled us to continue to exceed our customer expectations.

Corepoint Integration Engine is a robust, affordable healthcare interface solution with an experienced team of both interface engineers and clinical personnel standing behind it. That is a winning combination for us.”

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