The Everett Clinic Case Study    Everett, WA

“I think the testing features and the support are the biggest reasons anyone should move to Corepoint Health. I don’t think you can find a better system that provides such great upfront testing to help you be prepared before taking an interface live. I had support before we had even signed the contract!”

Founded in 1924, The Everett Clinic is a locally owned and operated multi-specialty physician group practice providing comprehensive, community-wide health care for greater Snohomish County, Washington.

As the largest independent medical group in the state, the clinic’s team of more than 300 physicians provides more than 40 specialty care services to 295,000 active patients. The Everett Clinic strives to deliver care in a way that provides additional value to patients and has implemented several innovative approaches to make healthcare patient-focused and cost-effective.

Customer Solution

The Everett Clinic selected Corepoint Integration Engine to provide the needed stability within their IT infrastructure, reduce the resource and time requirements to implement interfaces, and bring a proactive solution to manage their integration environment with native high availability.

With Corepoint Integration Engine, The Everett Clinic discovered new assurance in building, testing, and deploying interfaces quickly without incident. The implementation of Corepoint Health’s integration platform has provided a higher level of efficiency and much needed simplicity of operation to their IT environment, a complete contrast to the cumbersome procedures experienced with their previous interfacing software solution.

The Everett Clinic’s Insights

Sally Taylor, Application Administrator for The Everett Clinic, is an experienced developer and interface analyst who has worked with both Unix and Windows systems. Her insights:

“We were, and have always been, a Windows shop. We were specifically looking for a Windows-based engine when we started looking for a new interface engine.”

“I have been doing integration for about 20 years, and I’ve built point-to-point interfaces and have worked in other engines as well. I had written most of the interfaces that were in production, so I already knew the logic behind them. Once Corepoint Integration Engine was installed, it was just a matter of learning the how to manipulate the logic in the configuration window. It has many features that will be powerful for experienced admins as well as intuitive for those new to interfacing.”

Implementation and Customer Support

Immediately after signing the contract in June, Sally and her implementation team from Corepoint Health planned a three-stage implementation process. Stage 1 went live Aug. 13 with 15 connections and interfaces that included registration, scheduling and radiology. Stage 2 went live Sept. 5 and included results interfaces. The third and final stage went live Sept. 24 and included additional interfaces – meaning the entire process was complete in a short, three-month period.

“The clinic didn’t even realize that I was making the change – that’s a testament to the performance of Corepoint Integration Engine.”

Valuable Testing Features

“The test-as-you-build features were invaluable because I had my inbound messages in production, and I had what I was sending out in the system. So I could pull that inbound set of messages in, and then I could compare them segment by segment to make sure I was using the same logic for the outbound messages.”

“You can adjust your logic as you go. If something’s not working quite right, you know exactly where it is. That’s a big plus to be able to test as you’re building the logic.”

Customer Support

“I love it. I can email any question and within five minutes get a response. Corepoint Health’s service is every bit as good as Epic, who is known for their service model and one of the reasons we bought their product as well. Epic is good, but nobody gets back to me in five minutes. Nobody.”

“Corepoint Health’s monthly online user groups are also really excellent and provide great insight. The very first session I attended was on CDA documents, which was very informative and timely considering Meaningful Use Stage 2 regulations had just been released. The extra knowledge helps me stay ahead of the curve as far as data integration and healthcare standards are concerned.”

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