West Jefferson Medical Center Case Study

www.wjmc.org    Marrero, Louisiana

“Corepoint Integration Engine has delivered a high degree of value in a short period of time and has enabled a high-performance interfacing environment for our hospital community.”

West Jefferson Medical Center, located on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish in Marrero, Louisiana, is a not-for-profit, 451-bed full service community hospital. The hospital offers comprehensive programs and services in preventive care, fitness and wellness, acute care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and home health primarily to the West Bank community. In 2006, HealthGrades® ranked the West Jefferson Medical Center No. 1 in the New Orleans Suburb for Overall Orthopedic Services and for Joint Replacement Surgery and recognized West Jefferson for their clinical excellence in Overall Stroke Care with five-star ratings.

Healthcare Interfacing Challenges

In 2005, West Jefferson Medical Center was replacing their clinical order management systems. Since 1997, the Medical Center had been using SeeBeyond’s eGate solution as their interface engine. West Jefferson was looking at recoding all of their orders and results interfaces. Previous interface engine concerns included:

Concerns about customer support and service after acquisition of SeeBeyond by SUN Microsystems in 2005.

Java technology used, which required personnel with very specific Java experience.


Time-consuming to develop healthcare interfaces.

Difficult to learn requiring several days to connect systems for critical reports.

Interfacing platform required additional server resources.

Customer Solution

After researching several integration engines, West Jefferson chose to replace Sun’s eGate with Corepoint Health’s robust, but simple to use solution, Corepoint Integration Engine™. Corepoint Integration Engine offers many benefits for West Jefferson Medical Center’s work environment:


A single focused, healthcare integration solution that fully supports HL7 standards, allowing for processing of any clinical message.


Ability to quickly implement new interfaces in a fraction of the time previously required.


Data structure that is exceptionally intuitive.


Easy to manage interfaces in a single Windows service.


Superior alerting process and monitoring options, with a solid, useful escalation module. West Jefferson even uses Smart phones as part of their alerting protocols.

Corepoint Integration Engine met the Medical Center’s objective of providing a cost-effective interfacing solution that simplifies development of future interfaces so that patient care will not be constrained due to lack of data access. West Jefferson installed Corepoint Integration Engine to manage their 30 interfaces and any more that are needed to communicate clinical data throughout the hospital and health system. The hospital uses third party clinical applications for their Radiology, Laboratory, Dietary, EKG, Operating Room scheduling, and Cardiac Cauterization Lab departments.

West Jefferson Medical Center Insights

Al Respess is the Sr. Director of IT at West Jefferson Medical Center. Al’s insights:

The value of running an interface engine on Windows

“Corepoint Health knows what they are talking about in the healthcare market, many integration solution companies simply do not. Corepoint Health has a solid reputation and knowledge of HL7; moreover, they are an active, long-term member of the HL7 organization.

Corepoint Integration Engine is a simpler and kinder engine. In the eGate world, part of what you have to build is architecture. Corepoint Integration Engine runs as a single Windows service. You don’t get bogged down in coding, architecture, and connections. Furthermore, monitoring is straightforward and easier than eGate where you have to right click and check further. All the information needed is right there with Corepoint Integration Engine’s monitoring solution. You can see messages queuing, and the connections are all color coded with their current status.

With Corepoint Integration Engine, our learning curve is very short. One of our new employees was able to learn Corepoint Integration Engine and build 30 interfaces within 6 months. Corepoint Integration Engine, from concept to production, is easier to use than any software we have used in the past. It allows us to rewrite all of our interfaces in half the time; it probably would have taken us several months with eGate.

Simply stated, Corepoint Integration Engine has delivered a high degree of value in a short period of time and has enabled a high-performance interfacing environment for our hospital community. Corepoint Integration Engine is our communications platform for the long term.

With the help of Corepoint Integration Engine, our patients do not experience delays in the services they receive at West Jefferson. We are able to deliver high quality patient care with Corepoint Health orchestrating the clinical data flow between our healthcare applications.”

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