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Corepoint Action Points

Corepoint Action Points Overview

Corepoint Action Points

Real-time events. Real-time decisions.

During any given day, there are numerous activities happening within a healthcare organization on a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour basis. Associated with these activities is data, and it is flowing through the operations at a rapid pace. At times, having immediate access to certain types of data is vital to making time-sensitive decisions.

Corepoint Action Points delivers data-driven alerts quickly to the individuals who need to know. It watches for specified, data events and sends an alert message immediately when it happens.

Alerting on data elements can be challenging, given the multiple applications and data sources where information is flowing. With Corepoint Action Points in the middle of the data flow, it finds the data to trigger the alert.

Corepoint Action Points simplifies complex data flows, putting data triggers in place that deliver the right notifications to the right people at the right time.

Timely decisions are critical—Corepoint Action Points delivers the information as it occurs.


Event notifications—real time

Corepoint Action Points is easily applied to any given data element flowing electronically through the operational workflows within your healthcare environment. It is configured to alert one or more individuals based on the defined alert notification rules.


Data triggers—built into the data flow

Data flows within a healthcare organization are very active. Knowing what data is important at any point in time can be challenging. Corepoint Action Points monitors the data flow and triggers the right alert at the right time.

Customizing the data triggers can be done with simple to complex rules. For example, data triggers can be set simply for a specific code or type of order, or it can be used with more complex triggers, using “if, then” rules or alert based on message processing success.

Processing rules are configured in a menu-driven manner so that analyst-level skills can be leveraged and utilized to implement the event and data logic.

The ordinary data flow does not usually require attention. Extraordinary items, however, require immediate attention and action. Corepoint Action Points puts the logic in place to identify the data elements, trigger immediate alerts, and enable direct action by the right people.

Alerts—configure to your requirements

It is often said that “timing is everything.” This holds very true in healthcare.

The thresholds to receive your event alerts may vary by time of day, day of the week, holidays, etc. At certain times, the alert threshold may be more stringent than other times. Corepoint Action Points enables you to match your alert requirements in the most flexible manner possible.

Alerts can be targeted to specific individuals or a defined group. Alert settings can be configured flexibly, differing by day of the week, type of day, holidays, etc.

Getting the right data at the right time assists in getting the decisions made and expedites moving to the next step in the workflow.

Corepoint Action Points alerts the right individuals when specified events occur

Examples include:

  • Incoming STAT order from an ordering physician
  • Specified disease code from a diagnosis
  • Completed lab test result for a patient in the ER
  • Specific response from a data query in the data flow—multiple patient names returned on a request
  • Specific errors occur when processing data

Value—Corepoint Action Points

The delivered value of Corepoint Action Points is time—getting the information you need to make timely decisions, take immediate steps, or respond with a different direction. Key value includes:

  • Point in time decisions with point in time information—acting with real-time information.
  • Expedited turnaround times—get results, move forward—resulting in more timely patient care.
  • Flexibility to incorporate custom data triggers and event alerts to meet your specific operational workflow requirements.
  • Focus on response, not reaction. There is a difference between response and reaction. Responding translates into making decisions as soon as information is available while reacting happens significantly after the fact. Timeliness is delivered into decision-making processes using Corepoint Action Points.
  • Leverage the data flow between multiple applications in supporting management and physicians in their daily activities.

“With Corepoint Action Points, we are able to communicate immediately to a radiologist that a STAT order is ready. This solution assists us in enhancing our turnaround times and managing our valuable resources in a productive manner.”

Joe Moore

CIO, Radiology Consultants of Iowa

Corepoint Action Points identifies the data elements requiring immediate notification—tailored to your requirements. Knowing about events important to you enables more timely decisions that directly impacts workflow and, ultimately, patient care.