The NK1 segment contains information about the patient’s other related parties, and any associated parties.  If necessary, multiple NK1 segments can be sent to patient accounts using the NK1-1-set ID field. If a person or organization fulfills multiple contact roles, for example, a person is an emergency contact and a next of kin, it is recommended to send a NK1 segment for each contact role (field 7).

NK1 Attributes

The NK1 fields are as follows:

1 4 SI R Set ID – NK1
2 48 XPN O Y Name
3 60 CE O Relationship
4 106 XAD O Y Address
5 40 XTN O Y Phone Number
6 40 XTN O Y Business Phone Number
7 60 CE O Contact Role
8 8 DT O Start Date
9 8 DT O End Date
10 60 ST O Next of Kin / Associated Parties Job Title
11 20 JCC O Next of Kin / Associated Parties Job Code/Class
12 20 CX O Next of Kin / Associated Parties Employee Number
13 90 XON O Y Organization Name – NK1
14 80 CE O Marital Status
15 1 IS O Sex
16 26 TS O Date/Time of Birth
17 2 IS O Y Living Dependency
18 2 IS O Y Ambulatory Status
19 80 CE O Y Citizenship
20 60 CE O Primary Language
21 2 IS O Living Arrangement
22 80 CE O Publicity Code
23 1 ID O Protection Indicator
24 2 IS O Student Indicator
25 80 CE O Religion
26 48 XPN O Y Mother’s Maiden Name
27 80 CE O Nationality
28 80 CE O Y Ethnic Group
29 80 CE O Y Contact Reason
30 48 XPN O Y Contact Person’s Name
31 40 XTN O Y Contact Person’s Telephone Number
32 106 XAD O Y Contact Person’s Address
33 32 CX O Y Next of Kin/Associated Party’s Identifiers
34 2 IS O Job Status
35 80 CE O Y Race
36 2 IS O Handicap
37 16 ST O Contact Person Social Security Number

*Note: For the complete HL7 Standard, please go to the HL7 organization website.

In HL7 pipe and hat format, the NK1 segment (shown in red) for an ADT-A01 message would look like this:

PID|||PATID1234^5^M11||JONES^WILLIAM^A^III||19610615|M||C|1200 N ELM STREET^^GREENSBORO^NC^27401‑1020|GL|(919)379‑1212|(919)271‑3434||S||PATID12345001^2^M10|123456789|987654^NC|

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