The HL7HL7 is a Standards Developing Organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to author consensus-based standards representing a board view from healthcare system stakeholders. HL7 has compiled a collection of message form... More PV1 segment contains basic inpatient or outpatient encounter information and consists of 52 different fields with values ranging from assigned patient location, to admitting doctor, to visit number, to servicing facility. The PV1 segment communicates information on an account or visit-specific basis.  The default is to send account level data. If the segment is to be used for visit level data, the PV1-51 Visit Indicator must be set to “V”.

The fields in the PV1 segment are as follows:







1 4 SI O

Set IDID is a coded value data type. The value of such a field follows the formatting rules for a ST field except that it is drawn from a table of legal values. Examples of ID fields include religion and sex. – PV1

2 1 IS R

Patient Class

3 80 PL O

Assigned Patient Location

4 2 IS O

Admission Type

5 250 CX O

Preadmit Number

6 80 PL O

Prior Patient Location

7 250 XCN O Y

Attending Doctor

8 250 XCN O Y

Referring Doctor

9 250 XCN B Y

Consulting Doctor

10 3 IS O

Hospital Service

11 80 PL O

Temporary Location

12 2 IS O

Preadmit Test Indicator

13 2 IS O

Re-admission Indicator

14 6 IS O

Admit Source

15 2 IS O Y

Ambulatory Status

16 2 IS O

VIP Indicator

17 250 XCN O Y

Admitting Doctor

18 2 IS O

Patient Type

19 250 CX O

Visit Number

20 50 FC O Y

Financial Class

21 2 IS O

Charge Price Indicator

22 2 IS O

Courtesy Code

23 2 IS O

Credit Rating

24 2 IS O Y

Contract Code

25 8 DT O Y

Contract Effective Date

26 12 NM O Y

Contract Amount

27 3 NM O Y

Contract Period

28 2 IS O

Interest Code

29 4 IS O

Transfer to Bad Debt Code

30 8 DT O

Transfer to Bad Debt Date

31 10 IS O

Bad Debt Agency Code

32 12 NM O

Bad Debt Transfer Amount

33 12 NM O

Bad Debt Recovery Amount

34 1 IS O

Delete Account Indicator

35 8 DT O

Delete Account Date

36 3 IS O

Discharge Disposition

37 47 DLD O

Discharged to Location

38 250 CE O

Diet Type

39 2 IS O

Servicing Facility

40 1 IS B

Bed Status

41 2 IS O

Account Status

42 80 PL O

Pending Location

43 80 PL O

Prior Temporary Location

44 26 TS O

Admit Date/Time

45 26 TS O Y

Discharge Date/Time

46 12 NM O

Current Patient Balance

47 12 NM O

Total Charges

48 12 NM O

Total Adjustments

49 12 NM O

Total Payments

50 250 CX O

Alternate Visit ID

51 1 IS O

Visit Indicator

52 250 XCN B Y

Other Healthcare Provider

For the complete HL7 Standard, please go to the HL7 organization website. In HL7 pipe and hat format, the PV1 segment would look like this example:


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