The HL7 SIU message notifies an auxiliary (or other similarly configured) application of changes to some facet of the filler application’s appointment schedule. There are 14 different trigger events for the SIU message, but they all use a common message format.

The fourteen SIU messages include:

  • SIU-S12 – Notification of new appointment booking
  • SIU-S13 – Notification of appointment rescheduling
  • SIU-S14 – Notification of appointment modification
  • SIU-S15 – Notification of appointment cancellation
  • SIU-S16 – Notification of appointment discontinuation
  • SIU-S17 – Notification of appointment deletion
  • SIU-S18 – Notification of addition of service/resource on appointment
  • SIU-S19 – Notification of modification of service/resource on appointment
  • SIU-S20 – Notification of cancellation of service/resource on appointment
  • SIU-S21 – Notification of discontinuation of service/resource on appointment
  • SIU-S22 – Notification of deletion of service/resource on appointment
  • SIU-S23 – Notification of blocked schedule time slot(s)
  • SIU-S24 – Notification of opened (“un-blocked”) schedule time slot(s)
  • SIU-S26 – Notification that patient did not show up for scheduled appointment

The segments and groups of segments in the SIU message are as follows, and apply for all trigger events:

MSHMessage headerRequired
SCHSchedule activity informationRequired
NTENotes and commentsOptional, Repeatable
PatientGroup – Optional and repeatable group
PIDPatient identificationRequired
PV1Patient visitOptional
PV2Patient visit – additional infoOptional
OBXObservationOptional, Repeatable
DG1DiagnosisOptional, Repeatable
ResourceGroup – Repeatable group
RGSResource groupRequired
ServiceGroup – Optional and repeatable group, part of ResourceGroup
AISAppointment information – serviceRequired
NTE-1Notes and commentsOptional, Repeatable
GeneralGroup – Optional and repeatable group, part of ResourceGroup
AIGAppointment information – General resourceRequired
NTE-2Notes and commentsOptional, Repeatable
LocationGroup – Optional and repeatable group, part of ResourceGroup
AILAppointment information – Location resourceRequired
NTE-3Notes and commentsOptional, Repeatable
PersonnelGroup – Optional and Repeatable, part of ResourceGroup
AIPAppointment information – Personnel resourceRequired
NTE-4Notes and commentsOptional, Repeatable

In HL7 pipe and hat format, the SIU-S14 message would look like this:

SCH|00331839401|||||58||HLCK^HEALTHCHECK ANY AGE|20|MIN|^^^200803061000 |||||JOHN||||VALERIE|||||ARRIVED|
PID|1||489671|0|SMITH^MICHAEL^||20080205|F|||176215TH STREET^HOUSTON^TX^77306||(832)795-8259|||S|||999999999||||||||||||
PV1|1|O|||||HHR^NGUYENSUSAN MD|^||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||
AIL|1||HHR^FPCS NGUYEN, MD||||||||||

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