Migrate with confidence

How Corepoint Health customers implement industry-leading interoperability solutions

Experienced consultation

Corepoint Health has a dedicated team of diverse and experienced support personnel to ensure you are not alone in solving any interface challenge. We listen intently to your priorities and needs, and respond with a highly organized and collaborative process:

  • Our #1 ranking in KLAS® eight consecutive years demonstrates our commitment to customers
  • Our experience in consultation, implementation, and support come from real-world scenarios and successfully completing projects at provider sites across the country
  • A majority of our support and services team members come directly from health IT provider organizations
  • We’re happy to provide a list of references with similar environments who have successfully migrated to Corepoint Health

“During the evaluation process, I saw firsthand how well they approached the develop-test-deploy process. It was straightforward, yet very powerful. The years of healthcare integration experience of the Corepoint Health team came through in their integration engine. They get healthcare interfacing, and we benefit from that through their software and their approach to support.”


Integration Analyst
Northeast Alabama
Regional Medical Center

Proven migration process

Corepoint Health is solely focused on healthcare. That dedication is evident in both our products and our professional services and support teams.

Corepoint Health has experience improving and streamlining major IT systems for providers of all sizes, from major health systems, to clinics and labs. Our experience migrating to Paragon or updating to the most recent version of MEDITECH or Epic can be approached with complete confidence because our team members have years of experience upgrading health IT environments.

With native high availability and intuitive testing and graphing tools, Corepoint Integration Engine has the technical features needed for a successful migration. Because healthcare providers of all sizes rely on Corepoint Health to modernize their IT systems, you can have complete migration confidence.

We work hard to build solid relationships with our customers, providing a proven step-by-step migration processes with realistic timelines so you can properly prepare. And, with 24/7/365 customer support from health IT professionals in our Dallas office, you can rest assured that anyone who answers your call will be able to help you solve any critical production issue.

“Corepoint Health’s positive impact on our migration to EPIC was huge. Creating interfaces is so much simpler…

It’s hard to quantify how much time we saved, but looking back, we simply could not have accomplished what we did so quickly and efficiently without Corepoint Integration Engine.”


Senior Interface Analyst
Anne Arundel Medical Center

“The implementation process was so smooth that none of the internal staff or other application vendors recognized the transition to Corepoint Integration Engine running in the middle. It was completely seamless.”


Senior Programmer Analyst
Georgetown Hospital System


A key Corepoint Integration Engine feature is the ability to test throughout the conversion process to ensure new output matches the data produced from previous interfaces. Testing features compare both inbound and outbound messages, highlighting the differences in the development cycle. Robust test results show users exactly where focus is needed, without the need for end-to-end testing at every modification.

Testing with sample messages

Using vendors’ sample messages and specifications allows users to recognize the formatting differences. Corepoint Integration Engine compares other vendor messages side-by-side with the new message format to uncover discrepancies.

Testing with a custom derivative

Corepoint Health users can create a custom derivative that is representative of the vendor’s message format. Corepoint Integration Engine then can receive and send messages in the application’s desired format.

Message output comparison

Comparing output messages generated from your previous interface engine next to output from Corepoint Integration Engine using the same log files helps quickly identify and resolve any message differences. This powerful feature assures users that receiving applications can process the data after go-live.

“One thing I really like, that makes it so easy to develop interfaces, is the ability to test messages while building interfaces before saving anything. That is one of the most valuable shortcuts I have experiences with Corepoint Integration Engine.”


North Kansas City Hospital

Superb customer support

Corepoint Health’s reputation as the #1 in KLAS interface engine started from a foundation of customer service. From that customer-first foundation, we have developed products and services that actually make health IT interfacing easier—something that is only possible from knowing and understanding the challenges of our customers.

Our support team ensures that the customer is not alone in solving interfacing challenges. We work closely with customers to fix issues and to resolve unique requirements for every installation. This unique part of Corepoint Health’s company culture is just one reason health IT professionals voted Corepoint Integration Engine the #1 interface engine by KLAS for 6 consecutive years.

  • Customer service is easily accessible when it matters most, by phone or email, 24/7. Useful information is also available via our active online User Community, context-sensitive online documentation, and useful “cookbook” examples
  • We listen to our customers—translating many suggestions into new product features
  • Exclusively focused on healthcare, our expertise provides confidence in our company, our product and our support


“Frankly, support was poor with our previous interface engine vendor, given the fact that we required frequent assistance in maintaining and keeping it running. We would operate weeks at a time with critical systems needing repair waiting for support to get back to us.

On the other hand, with the robust nature of Corepoint Integration Engine, implementation was simple and easy—so much so, we implemented most interfaces without the need for support.”


Hendricks Regional Health

Peace of mind

The advanced features in Corepoint Integration Engine are designed to give your health IT team peace of mind, allowing them to spend less time monitoring and scripting interfaces and more time achieving other important IT goals. As with our customer service, we believe the features in Corepoint Health products are simply the best available.

Analysts and managers can easily control your Corepoint Health-integrated environment using our web-based console, which unites monitoring, alerting, and logging features, including:

  • Tailored alerting and monitoring notifies users of problems prior to workflow and operations issues
  • Track, review, and filter to an individual message, group of messages, or messages with a shared characteristic such as a patient ID
  • Corepoint Health’s native high availability solution provides confidence of the interface connections and ensures message and configuration persistency

You need absolute confidence in your integration engine so that you can focus time and energy on your most important projects. With end-to-end testing and other ease-of-use features, Corepoint Integration Engine empowers you to quickly implement connections and deliver completed interfaces.

“We wanted a platform we could trust at the center of our health data environment. Every interface in our system will run through Corepoint Integration Engine prior to sending data to providers or incorporating their data into our system. Having Corepoint Integration Engine in place gives me peace of mind about the performance of every interface, and I know the product will keep us ahead of the curve with future health data exchange initiatives.”


Chief Information Officer

Miami Children’s Hospital

“Corepoint Health is the best vendor I have ever worked with. They are the benchmark that I compare all other integration engine vendors to, and none compare to Corepoint Health. Top to bottom, they are the best at everything they do, whether it is their product, support, development, or professional services. We have just been in a constant state of change lately, and every bit of that is a change in our information system. Everything is just crazy these days with the rapid changes, and if it wasn’t for Corepoint Health, we would be in rough shape.”


Chief Information Officer

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