Corepoint Integration Engine

Reimagine interface workflow

The new release of Corepoint Integration Engine consolidates the status of the entire enterprise into a single interactive monitor, giving users one-click access to search logs, review alerts, or review the details of a given interface.

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“Every year, Corepoint Health never ceases to amaze me.
They are fantastic to work with. Their strategy is absolutely amazing, and they go the extra mile to make things happen.”

(Collected about Corepoint Integration Engine by KLAS in June 2017. Analyst/Coordinator. ©KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Engine flexibility

Flexibility: An important component for a hospital’s health data exchange activities

Hospitals are increasingly looking for flexibility as they expand their interoperability capabilities and activities.

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Comparing interface engines

Any modern interface engine will provide you flexibility and control. Your focus in evaluating interface engines should be on the user experience that surrounds the interface construction, support, and maintenance process.

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We feel your pain: Health IT system upgrades don’t always go as planned

It’s the end of the day, right before a long weekend. Against your best advice one of the hospital systems insisted on installing an interface upgrade midday. Everything looked good as the updates moved into production…

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Get more done with Corepoint Integration Engine

Corepoint Health offers a platform approach to interoperability that focuses on workflow and creating an intuitive, scalable data architecture.

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Corepoint Integration Engine: Rated #1 integration engine by KLAS for 9 straight years

The heartbeat of the hospital

Because the engine is the catalyst for all data activities in the hospital, data continuance is vital. Hear how our Assured Availability solution keeps the data flowing during any planned or unplanned downtime.

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