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Healthcare IT Staffing Transitions

Are your key interface managers or analysts on leave, vacation, or at a conference? Corepoint Health Professional Services is ready to help

Schedule Corepoint Health to provide proactive interface monitoring. During gaps in staffing, a Professional Services team member will check the status of your interfaces and send daily reports. If any modifications or troubleshooting needs to occur, your Corepoint Health specialist is ready.

You may prefer to have a specialist onsite for consultation as your team builds interfaces and prepares for go-live. Whatever your preference, we are ready and able to assist.


“The implementation team from Corepoint converted some of our interfaces, trained us, and now they continue to educate us. I’ve had to call support a couple of times, and they’ve been outstanding in helping us solve issues. They’re also proactive in their approach, which means a lot to us.” —Julie Pratt, Integration Analyst, Wyoming Medical Center