Corepoint One™

A turnkey interoperability solution powered by the industry’s #1 ranked integration engine.


Focus on what you do best and leave interoperability to us.

Benefit from an all-in-one, cloud-based solution, completely managed by our team of experts.
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Why Corepoint One?

Confront the future of interoperability without a time machine.

Entrust your day-to-day integration activities to a world-class team without busting your budget.

Free up your team to focus on valuable initiatives without compromising integration efforts.

Deliver high performance and security without the burden of managing it yourself.

One Solution for All Your Interoperability Needs


A single, turnkey interoperability solution with interface development, management, monitoring, optimization, and support.


Powered by Corepoint Integration Engine, ranked #1 by KLAS® 10 consecutive years.


Enterprise Class

Delivered in the cloud, with state-of-the art performance, scale, reliability and security.

Corepoint One FAQs

Why is Corepoint Health offering a Managed Solution?

Many of our customers have already moved to the cloud, and we continue to enhance our product to support the cloud. Corepoint One is simply an extension of what many of our customers are already doing, but with us taking more responsibility.

What is the value of a managed solution vs on-premise implementation?

Corepoint One, as a fully managed solution, allows customers to focus on what they do best: improving healthcare. The demand for Corepoint One comes from the desire to focus and solve unique workflows through integration, rather than getting sidetracked with the day-to-day challenges of interface operations and development.

What does Corepoint One include?
  • Hardware and infrastructure (servers, networking, storage, etc.)
  • Supporting applications (Windows OS, SQL Server)
  • Corepoint Integration Engine, the #1 ranked integration engine in KLAS 10 years running
  • Production and Test environments
  • Managed services
    • Platform management
    • Application management
    • Interface monitoring
    • Troubleshooting
  • Professional services for interface development
  • Optional strategic consulting
What is the level of security for the environment?

Security is modeled after the industry standard HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF), which incorporates HIPAA requirements.

Does Corepoint One offer high availability?


Is there a disaster recover (DR) option for Corepoint One?

Yes. Contact us for details on recovery time objective (RTO), recovery point objective (RPO), and pricing.

What is the cost of the Corepoint One managed solution?

The monthly subscription fee scales based on your connection count and integration needs.

Will it be a problem if all my applications are not yet web services ready?

Not at all. Corepoint One supports TCP/IP over VPN.

Is there an SLA?

The SLA is dependent on your integration needs. We understand the critical role our engine plays in your environment’s ability to facilitate interoperability between your in-house applications, as well as to the greater healthcare continuum outside the four walls of your organization.  To that end, we have architected the solution to provide uptime that is on-par, or exceeds, our typical customer’s existing on-premise uptime trends.

Please contact us to discuss specific requirements.

What is the process for migrating from my current on-premise engine to the hosted solution?

For Corepoint customers, the process is similar to migrating to new hardware, but the hardware will be hosted and managed by Corepoint Health. To move from a competitive engine, the process would be similar to a normal conversion, except that the migration will be to the Corepoint One environment.

How are upgrades managed?

As new releases become available, Corepoint Health will schedule a time that works for you to upgrade your environments (first the Test environment, then the Production environment). Generally, there will be a range of dates available to schedule the upgrade.

With which systems does Corepoint One integrate?

Corepoint One integrates with all major EHR systems and other healthcare applications. Essentially, a connection can be made to any system that sends or receives data in any of the common protocols that Corepoint Health supports.

What are the connectivity options and data formats supported by Corepoint One?

Corepoint One supports all the same connectivity options and data formats as with an on-premise engine.

Is there an option to archive logs? How are log archives managed?

Customers are able to choose retention periods and the related amount of storage required.

What exactly do you do with my data when you pick it up from one endpoint and deliver to another?

Corepoint One will route, map, and parse data in the cloud the same way it is done on-premise. The managed service experts at Corepoint Health will configure the connections and then monitor them 24/7 to keep data flowing between endpoints.

Can I control access for my employees/contractors?

Yes. Role-based access control is available.

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