Corepoint Health Interface Engine Rated #1 in 2019 KLAS® Awards: 10 Years in a Row

“Corepoint Integration Engine is my ‘YES’ engine. It is absolutely our favorite piece of software.” —Will Smith, Integration Manager
Wavelength Information Services, Inc., Atlantic General Hospital

Corepoint Integration Engine is the #1 rated interface engine in healthcare

201p Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services Report Highlights:

  • Highest overall score in the Interface Engines market segment – 96.6
  • This is the 10th year in a row Corepoint Health has received this honor
  • 100% say they would buy again, and that Corepoint Health keeps all its promises

KLAS conducts the surveys and collects the information directly from the healthcare providers. Users complete detailed surveys and participate in in-depth interviews from KLAS experts. * This is selected commentary that may not represent the whole of provider sentiment related to this product or service. Visit for a complete view.

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Customer Perspectives

Corepoint Integration Engine is the standard for meeting today’s healthcare integration demands. It provides healthcare IT professionals with more control, menu-driven features, greater vendor independence and reduced cycle times. The Corepoint Health interface engine is meeting the demand for new interfaces with lower costs, higher efficiency, and greater productivity.

Corepoint Health Development Philosophy


Featured Customer Story

Frederick Memorial Hospital Converts 100+ JCAPS Interfaces in 4 Months

Frederick Memorial Hospital in Frederick, Maryland upgraded their integration engine platform from eGate to Corepoint Integration Engine. Pat Whitmore, Sr. Systems Analyst, has been using some iteration of eGate/JCAPS at Frederick Memorial since 1999. Along with fellow System Analyst, Mutaz Awad, and a little guidance from a Corepoint Health Professional Services team member, they converted over 100 interfaces in 3 ½ months. This customer success story focuses on the experience of learning a new integration platform after 15 years working in a JCAPS environment, the features that helped make choice, and the impact a contemporary integration engine has had for his hospital.

According to anonymous KLAS report feedback

“We have been very satisfied with Corepoint Integration Engine. In fact, out of all the vendors that we deal with, Corepoint Health is definitely the best. Their customer service, product reliability, and responsiveness is great. They go above and beyond in every way possible. Corepoint Health treats everything from questions to major updates with a personal touch. They are seriously vested in our success as an organization.”
– Analyst, May 2018

“Corepoint Health is always talking about the next big thing. They were talking about FHIR before we knew what FHIR was. They are always very proactive in terms of integration.”
– Director, April 2018

“We were a long-standing customer of a different vendor and recently switched to Corepoint Health. We have been extremely happy with our conversion to their system. Things are working out great. We have had to rewrite many interfaces with all of the changes we are making. Corepoint Health has helped us with that. Their system is very functional and is user friendly.
– Manager, April 2018

“I would be tickled pink if everybody did service like Corepoint Health does. I use them to benchmark other vendors. When we call other vendors for support and the level-one person can’t fix our issue, I have to escalate the issue. Finding the right person to fix the issue sometimes takes days or weeks with other vendors. When we call Corepoint Health for support, the first person to answer the phone usually stays on the line until our issue is resolved. Whenever an issue can’t be resolved on the spot, the support people schedule a time to follow up with us and keep the issue on their schedule so that it gets resolved.”
Director, April 2018

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The Importance of a Reliable Engine


Service and Support is Key


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