Where Interoperability Meets ROI

Corepoint Health is the data integration partner for more than 150 healthcare vendors and ASP/SaaS organizations.

Data Integration Solutions for Healthcare Vendors


Corepoint Health specializes in clinical data integration, ensuring a positive return on your interoperability investments. The benefits of utilizing Corepoint Integration Engine for your integration initiatives include:

  • Increased speed to revenue for your organization: Reduce the risk and implementation delays associated with needs and requirements of interfacing with other applications or providers.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) for interface development: Keep your development team focused on your product and solutions.
  • Meet any connectivity requirements efficiently: Connect clients to your solution through HL7 Data, FHIR, Files, Web Services, etc., all while meeting large volume demands and throughput requirements.
  • Implement, manage, and monitor interfaces with ease: Corepoint Integration Engine is built to be used by developers and analysts alike.

Healthcare integration is the sole focus of Corepoint Health, and our resources and efforts have been poured into building the most efficient, dependable, user-friendly integration engine in the market. We anticipate the future integration needs for our clients and the industry – like being on the forefront of HL7 FHIR and API web development capabilities.

How Corepoint Empowers Development Teams

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APIs and Healthcare

Experience Supporting Healthcare Vendors

Our vendor customers have found great value in partnering with us to enable the data integration capabilities needed to grow their businesses. Many of our vendor partners come to us after spending valuable time and resources developing their own clinical data exchange abilities, or after becoming constrained by the limitations of “free” integration platforms.

The 2019 #1 Ranked Integration Engine by KLAS is Corepoint Integration Engine. This is the 10th consecutive year Corepoint Health has earned this distinction.

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