Since February 2009, there has been uncertainty on the exact regulations extending from the passage of HITECH and the implementation of Meaningful Use. This uncertainty may have seeped into many healthcare workplaces through projects being placed on hold, changing project directions, or strategic plans being re-written. The outcome may be to keep your heads down and manage what you know and leave the rest until everything shakes out.

That is not the way to manage an operation, however.

Alaina Love may have gotten it right in a recent BusinessWeek article entitled You Can Lead. But Can You Inspire? As she states in the leadership article:
“…they do one thing particularly well: They give employees roles consistent with their unique skills, core values, and primary passions. Inspirational leaders focus unrelentingly on tapping the right people for each job and helping others determine where they can be their best; then they create that opportunity inside the organization. Given the economy-driven seismic shift that has occurred in most companies, leaders who can inspire others to achieve more than they believed possible have never been as essential for survival as they are today.”
With the work to be done to meet the Meaningful Use and HITECH objectives in 2011 and subsequent years, it is essential to understand each team member’s strengths and passions and tap into that stream of creativity, diligence and innovation. Being cynical about what needs to be done or some of the uncertainty that still lies ahead will not produce as much in the end. Inspired productivity is a must.
Take a few minutes to read this article, and rate your own leadership style – inspired or cynical – using the ten highlighted areas.
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