Class Outline – Level 1 training

During the 3-day class, you will develop and test these interfaces in Configuration and monitor the live connections in Administration.

Corepoint Integration Engine Level 1 Training Diagram

Day 1

Understand the Big Picture: Where does Corepoint fit in your environment?

Create an unparsed interface between two applications
Use Data Flow to:

  • Create connections (sender and receiver)
  • Connect the connections to create an action list for an unparsed interface
  • Use the Message Set window to load, view, and manipulate sample messages

Filter messages by type and field data

  • Let the engine help you create a derivative based on sample messages
  • Filter messages using the If/Else action

Send parsed ADT and ORM messages to a lab application

  • Copy contents of the input message to a variable or a field in the output message using the ItemCopy action
  • Use the Action List Tester to test the action list with actual sample messages

Day 2

Use logs to verify a message was sent & resend message

  • Use the Administration console to filter and search through logs to verify that a message was sent and acknowledged
  • Resend a message from the Administration console

Implement Code sets and code set correlations

  • Use a code set to filter messages within an action list
  • Use code set correlations to translate message contents into a form recognizable to the receiving application
  • Export and import external code sets, so that teammates without access to Configuration can edit them

Connect a pharmacy application and send it ADT messages

  • Use an annotation set to store troubleshooting information for a connection
  • Manipulate dates using the ItemTransformDate action

Day 3

Send ORU messages from the lab to the hospital

  • Load engine logs as sample messages
  • Use ItemReplace to replace certain patterns with new data
  • Build strings out of variables, parts of messages, and more, using ItemFormat

Send radiology results electronically to an EMRElectronic Medical Record (EMR), as defined in Defining Key Health Information Technology Terms (The... More

  • Use the ForEach and ItemNew actions to loop over repeating items to perform a specified action for each repeating item
  • Use debugging actions, such as MsgLog and EnvLogText, to test as you develop

Send radiology results as a file to the EMRElectronic Medical Record (EMR), as defined in Defining Key Health Information Technology Terms (The... More

  • Use Data Flow to create and configure a Gear-to-Gear connection
  • Delete an obsolete connection
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