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Introduction to Monitoring

Introduction to Monitoring

Introduction to Monitoring is an instructor-led, web-based class for application, IT, and network analysts on how to monitor, manage, and understand data flow through Corepoint Integration Engine. During this class, you will work through real-world monitoring and administration scenarios, enabling you to confidently monitor your integrated environment.

What You Will Learn

  • This class provides a solid understanding of using Corepoint Integration Engine Administration Console and how to apply what you learned to your own environment.
  • Learn how to monitor connections using multiple visual tools within the web-based Administration Console.
  • Gain a basic understanding of alerts and connection statistics and how they are used to monitor your connections and escalation policies.
  • Investigate log files and learn when and how to resend messages.
  • Understand features such as user profiles and annotation sets to customize monitoring for your environment.



1 |  This class is designed as a primer for analysts responsible for monitoring interface connectivity. It is intended for people who will not attend Level 1 product training to learn how to configure and monitor interfaces. If you have attended Level 1, the majority of this class will be a review.

2 |  You must be an employee or contractor of a facility using Corepoint Integration Engine.


Class Format & Time

5-hour, instructor-led, hands-on web training
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. CT


$1,000 for one interactive web session; $250 for each additional attendee

Includes a web connection to the classroom environment and an electronic PDF manual for each attendee.

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Introduction to Monitoring is offered by request on version 2016.3 using the Administration Console of Corepoint Integration Engine.

Contact us [2] with inquiries or to schedule this class.

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