HL7: By the Book and Beyond Outline

The following information highlights the specific subject matter, workshop activities, and course materials included as part of Corepoint Health’s HL7: By the Book and Beyond Workshop. Please note that the prerequisite for HL7: By the Book and Beyond is the online, instructor-led HL7: First Steps seminar.

Day 1: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Part 1: The HL7 Standard and Key Subject Areas

  • An overview of HL7 chapters
  • Chapter layout/format
  • Triggers
  • Hierarchy of identifiers
  • HL7 communication
  • Order entry
  • Financial management
  • Observation reporting
  • LOINC – clinical templates
  • HIPAA context
  • CDA

Part 2: HL7 Communication Protocols

  • TCP/IP traffic monitoring
  • Hybrid lower layer protocol (LLP)
  • TCP/IP basics
  • SNA APPC LU6.2

Day 2: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Part 3: What's Next – Version 3

  • How is version 3 better?
  • HL7 v3.0 details
  • Goals & planned benefits
  • How we plan to get there
  • Current status
  • Publishing schedule
  • V3 domains
  • Mapping between 2.X and 3.X
  • Mapping 2.X to 3.X status
  • Impact on providers?

Part 4: Interface Tools and Technologies

  • Interface engines vs. peer-to-peer HL7 interfaces
  • Using HL7 with an interface engine

    • Engine connection naming
    • Engine message loads
  • Required features for HL7 solutions

    • HL7 ACK handling
    • Logging
    • Communications
    • Monitoring and alerts
    • Custom needs
  • HIPAA and role-based access
  • Interface engine vendors and interface flows

Day 3: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Part 5: Practical Implementation of HL7 in The Real World

  • Understanding important interface features and the short- and long-term costs of each, including what to review when considering an HL7 interface (a single missing feature could crush your budget)
  • Buying vs. building an HL7 interfaces:  what price is reasonable and which approach is best for your project?
  • Realizing the value of HL7 through flexible interfaces – how an interface that is pliable will pay for itself again and again during every project
  • Designing HL7 interfaces for the real world – learn what is likely to happen during implementation and how you can prepare before it is too late
  • Understand issues typically faced during interface roll out and how to avoid most of these issues while preparing for the ones that are unavoidable
  • Documenting your interfaces – the why, when, and how to write HL7 interface specifications
  • Preparing for interface support after go-live – assessing the skill set of your staff
  • Implementing business rules and preliminary database-to-HL7 mapping – live demo of a VisualBasic-based program that implements a complex HL7 interface and business logic
  • Understanding the true costs of HL7 interfaces – know all the expenses of an interface before you jump in

Additional Workshop Activities, Materials, & Handouts

  • Student workbook
  • 500+ slide pages / presentation notes
  • Summit Medical – HL7 Case Study
  • HL7 V3.0 – Preview for Managers

Specification Reviews/Examples

  • Demographic Interface Specification: MedicaLogic
  • Observation Reporting Interface Specification: MedicaLogic
  • Scheduling Interface Specification: MedicaLogic
  • ImageLink Interface Specification: MedicaLogic
  • DimpleCache Server Interface Specification: MedicaLogic
  • Implementation Guide for Immunization Data Transactions: US CDC
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